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We had such a beautiful practice this morning! It was the Primary Series, together with my soul sister and it was literally this: soul related. We chanted the opening prayer together and from there just flowing through the asanas in perfect harmony. Our breath synchronized, like the asanas, even the vinyasas seamed to be twins. In the Ashtanga practice we say each breath initiates a movement. This was exactly the case, but it was doubled. Each of us in her own bubble, while both of us together, we were riding the waves of our breath, translated them into movement, whilst dancing a beautiful synchronicity.

This very peaceful and touching practice did not end with the closing. It was my companion throughout the day and I still feel it.

Give it a try yogis if you not already have, it’s such a stunning and touching energy! A led Ashtanga class is of course supposed to deliver exactly this, as everyone is following the teachers counts and should do exactly the same, same time, including breathing.

However, I never experienced this effect of synchronicity better than practicing with a close friend. Thanks soulsis for making my day!

Full moon ritual

Follow your calling yogi, take some minutes to pause. Bring your awareness to your forehead and release into the space behind. Go internal. Let your breath guide you and once arrived, take a seat sweet soul. Welcome to your happy place, enjoy the movie.

Have a look around, are you surprised? You’ve been here quite often, but did you ever really looked at the details? Do it now. Have you ever seen all the beautiful colors? Listen to your own sacred inner voice. It doesn’t speak up loud most of the time, sometimes it’s just a whisper, so ensure you’re still to hear it properly. Can you feel the free flowing energy? Like a soft warm wind on your skin…. Get as much as you want, it’s endless. You can easily inhale it, give it a try and observe your prana, your vigor, your life force charging!

Sweet soul, be open and receptive, everything you want is there, just take it, it’s all yours! Trust your inner movie, your vision, it’s your guidance, it’s your truth.

Release and smile yogi, you’re home. Be grateful for all your experiences and grateful for the next journey that is just unfolding in front of you.

Follow your bliss and have an exciting trip sweet soul.


Judgement. A hard word. It might be a matter of language, but the word itself is kind of giving me a jerk. I even feel guilty without knowing why!

Are you free of judging? What about your practice? Are you looking at your neighbor in class? Analyzing what he/she is doing better? Or worse? Did you see her belly? OMG, this must be a so called 6 pack! Wait, this tiny awesome looking girl has cellulite? Thank good, not just me… oh this posture is looking so bad! Can’t believe the teacher doesn’t correct anything…. Alright, you already switched to bitching about your pears!

Well, judgement can also be directed against yourself. Thoughts such as, I wish I could wear this, but I’m to fat. I’ll never be able to do this pose, I’m just not flexible enough, I look ridiculous, I’ll never ever attend a class again… and millions more.

Are any of those sound familiar?

You know what helps? Continue practicing yoga. The purpose of yoga is purification. Yes, it’s not about being the queen/king of flexibility. It’s not about fancy asanas and poses. It’s about getting rid of all those expectations, purifying your mind and connecting to your self. Yoga is your practice to be luminous, clear, happy and focused. You won’t win a price for mastering your chaturanga. Nope. Neither headstand, no applause.

When you’re on your mat next time, starting your practice, take a couple of deep breath and let your intention be „non-judgement“. Practice for yourself. Don’t care about others, don’t even care about yourself. Listen to your teacher, breathe, flow and enjoy. Not thoughts about right or wrong, good or bad, can or can’t. Accept that everything is exactly how it should be in this moment.

Enjoy the ride yogi, just be.


Is there a difference between stillness and meditation? Is it the same? Is it finickiness? Honestly, I don’t care, for me, there’s a difference, as I don’t have the same expectations when talking about stillness vs meditation. A different approach.

This is how I start my practice, and even if I don’t practice, I rarely miss this moment, my moment of stillness, my moment of deep connection, my moment of emptiness. It’s a readjustment for me, kinnda back to neutral.

This is how I practice stillness:

On my mat, going into childs pose, with my knees mat distance, big toes together. Allowing my hips to open, my ribcage to settle between my legs, my chest sinking down onto the mat. Couple of deep breaths, slow down, opening, letting go. Feeling pureness, just me, nothing else. All that comes to my mind is an animalistic sound, „ahhhhhhhhhh“….. a moment where it’s easy to eliminate any thoughts. It’s also a moment of honesty, I can just be myself and experience what’s going on with me. No matter what.

A perfect preparation to teach a class. A perfect way to start my practice, it feels neutralizing, I easily forget about the day, don’t care what’s on the schedule, just this moment, my practice. It’s magic.

When students become teachers

We rise by lifting others!

Three of my students decided to do a teacher training and the first one will be on her way soon. Honestly, I couldn’t be more proud! It’s fantastic to observe their paths, their interest beyond the physical practice and their openness for the yoga way of life.

A friend asked me recently, if I won’t be rather offended as they will be competitor teachers? Not at all! Yoga isn’t a competition. We serve each other, we lift each other, we spread the love. This might sound a bit like phrases from the sixties, but we’re quite aware about the business behind. Teaching yoga is business, but it works slightly different. Yoga teaches us about oneness, a quite unusual approach when it comes to business – read more about this in one of my previous posts.

Teachers are students, students are teachers. I strongly believe, that we don’t meet by default. We have to learn from each other, no matter which role. We are mirrors for each other or to put it another way: “recognize, the other person is you”. Give and receive, teach and learn, recognize and change, release and grow.

When my student becomes a teacher, I also see my journey. I see the excitement, the fear and the believes, particularly the limiting ones. I see me. I know there are a couple of things I can help with, but there are others that everyone has to experience and go through themselves, it’s part of the game. Finally being a teacher all of a sudden is a milestone itself. Standing in front of a class, developing one’s unique style…. Hesitating, struggling, and same time enjoying…. It’s beautiful, touching and yes, I’m damn proud! You so rock!

Om Mani Padme Hum

Exciting add on to our yoga retreat!

Yogis! News! News! News!

I’m so happy to announce a very special add on (optional) to our yoga retreat in Bali next May! Right at the beginning of the retreat, we will have Dris visiting, who is The Body&Mind Coach and he will do a presentation for us, about the importance of having a growth mindset and the effect it has on having a happy life.

During one hour, he will introduce the 3 key elements that play a huge role in our level of satisfaction in life:

  • Our values and their role in guiding our decisions
  • Our belief system and how it controls our behaviors
  • How to become more pro-active and moving from being in motion to taking action

Sounds good? It gets even better: 

At the end of the session, we will draw the name who will win 3 free clarity coaching sessions. Woop woop! Read again: YOU can WIN a package of 3 coaching sessions! And of course all participants can later purchase the clarity coaching package for only $270.-, that will include 3 one-on-one coaching sessions.

About The Body&Mind Coach

The Body&Mind Coach is a professional mindset coaching service that offers online and onsite one-on-one support and guidance to healthy and ambitious individuals who would like to perform better, both in their personal and professional lives. The Body&Mind Coach has successfully coached clients from Europe, Australia and the United States and has developed a specific methodology focusing on mindset, momentum, and performance.

Interested in any further details about coaching or Dris? Visit his website.

Yogis, get your slot booked, we will have an awesome time! Reach out to me for booking or any questions.