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The next Retreat is on!

We do it again! Join us!!! Immerse into the power of the yoga frequency and enjoy a long weekend filled with yoga, wellness and some fab surprises for you!

3rd to 6th October – please see details below and let us know if you’re in! I’m mixing languages now, apologies for that, but the retreat will be hold in German.

Herbstzauber im Tirol – 4 Tage Yoga Retreat

Es erwartet dich eine Auszeit an einem besonderen Kraftplatz inmitten der Tiroler Berge. Mit Yoga, Meditation, Wellness, Wandern oder gemütlichem Spazieren kannst du mit allen Sinnen geniessen, abschalten, regenerieren und dich verwöhnen lassen. Du wirst Harmonie für Körper und Seele erleben.

Von Do 3. Oktober bis So 6. Oktober 2019 lassen wir es uns besonders gut gehen und geniessen das gute Leben. 

Darauf kannst du dich freuen:

  • 6 Lektionen Yoga unterschiedlicher Stilrichtungen für einen energiegeladenen Start in den Tag und entspannten Abend, weitere Highlights und Überraschungen.
  • Zwei Lehrerinnen die bestens ausgebildete sind in Yoga, Meditation und Mindfulness. Es zeichnet sie langjährige Unterrichtserfahrung in verschiedenen Yoga Stilen, Kompetenz, Kreativität, Empathie, Herzlichkeit, Freude am Umgang mit Menschen, viel Begeisterung und Spass am Unterrichten aus und lassen so jede Lektion zu einem besonderen Erlebnis werden.
  • Ein exklusives 5 Sterne Verwöhnhotel mit Gourmetküche, wunderschöner Wellnesslandschaft und Spa für deine rundum Erholung.
  • Diese abwechslungsreiche Auszeit ist auch bestens für Yoga Anfänger geeignet!

Hier klicken für weitere Infos und Anmeldung.

My first video. I can’t express how excited I am… I never expected such a great outcome, thanks a mill Madu, you did an awesome work and I can’t wait to continue!

Unfortunately I can’t upload here, so please go to TUNEin:YOGA on Facebook to watch and I would be thrilled to hear if you like it! Facebook doesn’t show high resolution, but you can tick the box HD in the settings for the video.

Hope you enjoy!

Videocredit Pasindu Madushan Photography

Get back on track

I lost myself a bit over the last weeks, well even months. Under the flag of „common, let’s enjoy life“, I finally lost the connection to myself, which was so hard to build up. The good news, I know what I have to do. The difficult thing is, not to get distracted. But just do it.

My theme is all about ahimsa. This is one of the yamas (ethical precepts), part of the yoga sutras. Ahimsa translates into non violence — violence in all aspects, physical and also mental violence, such as words or thoughts.

How you treat others and yourself, what you say and think of others and yourself. This is where everything has to start, within ourselves. Be kind to the people around you. Be kind to yourself.

Non harming is the basis of every practice and it all boils down to the relationship with yourself. Repeat this: it’s about the relationship with yourself.

On the mat, it means to be kind to your body. To not push yourself into postures that you are not ready for, as you may cause injury.

Off the mat it’s about speech, food, clothing, how you treat others, the environment, yourself. Living healthy. You decide.

I decided to get back on track, back to a life of practicing ahimsa. Particularly when it comes to myself. And you know what? I know it will feel amazing, even if it needs discipline to get back. 

I’m in, how about you?

TUNEin:YOGA goes Winti

New classes available! Am so happy to teach at Yoga Bliss, a beautiful Yoga studio based in Winterthur, close to Zurich.

I will teach Saturday and Sunday mornings, in rotation with the other teachers, so keep an eye on TUNEin:YOGA at facebook, classes are announced there. As usual classes suit all levels and will be energizing for a great start into your day!

First class 5th May, 9:30 – 11:00am, are you in? Need any additional information? Send me a note, always happy to hear from you 🙂


When your flat turns into a photo-studio…. One day shooting, half day filming – woop woop! Exciting and exhausting, we had fun, and yeah, it was challenging! Honestly, I didn’t expect such an effort, but rather underestimated what a professional shoot means.

I already had a glimpse of the stunning work and can‘t wait to see the final output! Stayed tuned, will share soon with you.

What an experience, thanks a mill Madu, much much appreciated 🙂

Urdhva Padmasana

Turn your lotus position upside down. No worries if full lotus isn’t available for you yet, whatever your variation is works – full lotus, half lotus or cross-legged. Even if full lotus is preferred as it makes the posture much more compact and stable, we all know that it’s not always accessible.

Once in the posture and your thighs are parallel to the floor, press the knees into the hands (yes, this way!). Start to lengthen your spine (feels sooooo good!) and lift your chin slightly, so there’s no pressure on your neck.

For the next few breaths, allow your world to move this way. Upside down. Notice what‘s different – is there any difference?

Physically this posture does a lot – it opens the hips, strengthens the shoulder frame, the muscles along the spine, the erector spinae is activated, just to name a few. In addition, your inner organs benefit, particularly as this pose utilizes specific pressure points at the thyroid and the kidneys.

As in all inversions, the blood flow increases and the brain is offered a surge of oxygen.
Don’t you wonder if you would suddenly feel your thoughts streaming with better clarity. If holding this posture a bit longer, maybe even a few minutes, you will notice that all your doubts, blank mental notes, and confusing stimulus will clear up.

Really? Well, you tell me, try it 🙂

Home Practice

Have you established a home practice yet? No? Let me tell you why this is a great idea and what helps to set it up. It’s so much more than just move and stretch your muscles! Commitment to a home practice – ideally 6 days a week (I know…!)  is a commitment to self-discipline and part of a transformation into a healthy body and mind. It will be the start of something great, it will change you. And yes, the difficult part is showing up on the mat. The easy part is, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing and how long, as long as you’re practicing. Even this will change over time!

First things first – why it’s so damn good for you

  • You will develop a personal discipline, which won’t stop at your mat, but support you in all parts of your life
  • You will create a healthy habit, which might make you more aware of health in general
  • It will allow you to tune and play your own instrument: the body
  • It will soothe your soul, feed your spirit and make you a more efficient practitioner in the world
  • You will learn and appreciate to be alone

Bring it on – how you will succeed

  • Set a fix time that suits your daily schedule. Even if morning first thing is most efficient and recommended, it has to fit into your life so you can stick to it. Of course it can be different during the week and on the weekends! Whatever works for you.
  • Create an inspiring surrounding – if you have a spare room, decorate it to feel good there. If not, no problem at all, make it nice wherever you enroll your mat. Maybe a nice view out, you might want to light a candle, turn music on, diffuse essential oils, whatever it is that makes it inspiring for you, will make it easier.
  • Be committed to show up, no matter how long. Start easy. Define how many times a week and go from there. Even if everything inside tells you no no no, not today! Roll out your mat and practice.
  • There might be days you just sit down to breathe for 5 minutes. Alternatively, a 10 minutes meditation, maybe a 60 minutes asana practice. That’s great, job done.

Take it easy, but stick to your commitment! It is a huge step, but so worth it…. Go for it yogi! Remember, you don’t have to start at 100%, a step by step approach will help to slowly get used to it. Whenever you don’t manage to stick to your commitment, notice how this feels. Laugh and call it a day, you’re not supposed to be wonderwoman or superman 🙂