Join the movement — let’s move into stillness. 

In today’s fast-paced world, we are addicted to have more, to run faster, to do everything quicker. We find ourselves in a permanent rush, we deliver and we are used to get everything as soon as possible, time is money. Our bodies get a high attention — we better look fit and well-toned to keep the impression of good health.

Be honest, how much attention are you giving your mental wellbeing? We have become so connected to our digital devices and to the outer world, that we’ve lost the most important connection: the one to ourselves.

It’s time to get quiet. It’s time to listen and slow down, soften and look within instead of around. Let’s tune in. Let’s do it together.

TUNEin:CALM is about learning certain tools to turn the volume down and tune in to a new world, our own. The tools are old and well established: Meditation, Mindfulness and Yoga. You will feel calm and settled, peaceful and grounded. You will establish a deep connection to yourself and you will learn to bring more mindfulness into your daily life. Nothing is important, but you. Nothing counts, but your wellbeing.

TUNEin:CALM is designed in a workshop format, each has a different focus, see here what’s next.