„It’s not about forcing or willing your body, it’s actually so much more about listening.“ Kino McGregor

I love this. It’s all about tuning in, listen and allow things to happen. Yoga is a process and to force yourself into a posture will nothing but harm your body. Well honestly, your mind too, as you might get frustrated. Do good for yourself and stop getting attached to the perfect posture.

My students know quite well how much I repeat and remind them to focus on their breath, to follow it trough their bodies and to let the breath work for them. Through your breath you can lengthen, release, you can even go much deeper into a pose. But you must go internal. This might be difficult at the beginning, particularly when in class. Give it a try anyhow.

A good preparation is to meditate. Sit quiet and bring your full attention to your breath, nothing else. Feel your breath, watch it flowing through your body, maybe you can even hear it. Sharpen all your senses focussing on your breath.

In your next class, just do the same. Listen to your teacher, let the voice be your guide through the flow of poses, while you are on your journey inwards, with your breath as your beautiful travel companion.

Be patient and allow your practice step by step to become a moving meditation.

Listen to your body

This morning, after 5 sun salutations, my body said clearly NO to my usual Ashtanga practice. As I’m currently quite susceptible to injuries, I didn’t question anything but switched to a soft Yin practice. I thought, I might turn some soothing music on to support going internal and release. Guess what, it made me nervous.

I changed the music. Rhythmic, fast, loud. That was it. My body started swinging, vibrating. I joined singing and my mind was quite. I moved into postures without thinking, my body guided me. I even forgot the time in some asanas. It all felt so right and my closing headstand was kind of purifying. No pressure at all, it felt so effortless.

Listen to your body, what fits one day doesn’t work the other. What’s good for others might not be good for you. Listen, your body will tell you what to do.

After practicing I walked my dog and my hips complained a lot. I started swinging even more. Asking them to release all the stored shit. To let go. To be easy and relax. I sent my smile to them carried by my breath. Arriving home, we were in peace.

It’s all about that, isn’t it. Listen to your body, work together, finding a way to take it easy, what ever is happening around you. Forgive yourself, forgive others. Release.