Yoga & Coaching


Yoga & Coaching – the perfect couple

Yoga challenges and teaches us to be flexible with our limits. On the mat and off the mat. Flexible when practicing, flexible when falling, flexible when investigating changes and flexible when letting go of the past. Yoga works on both, body and mind, with the goal of transforming the asana practice into a moving meditation.

Why not go for the next step? The yoga practice is a perfect preparation to intensify work on your mind. We’re all weighed down by our respective back-packs, made up of all our experiences and learnings from the past. It is beneficial to declutter and take a closer look at those burdens from time to time. Understand what doesn’t serve us any longer and which kind of limiting believes even stop us from moving forward. And yes, finally to transform them to exactly what we want.

I strongly believe, a combination of yoga and coaching is the best we can do for ourselves, for our health and wellbeing, to become the best version of ourselves and enjoy life to its fullest.

Sounds good? Kickstart a life of health, happiness and success, you deserve it!

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Kathrin’s photo by Dee Gandhi