“Be strong, be weak, release expectations, let go of judgment and just flow. Allow yourself to be and to grow, just that.”

What’s at the heart of everything I do is an intention to inspire and empower people. Driven by passion, I know that change and transformation can be pure inspiration and this is what I teach.

No matter if in my yoga classes, workshops, mindfulness sessions or when giving Reiki, I’m wholeheartedly supporting my students and clients to start their journey, to take this path leading inside. My sessions encourages to work on oneself in all aspects, physically, mentally and emotionally to develop and grow.

YOGA: My basis is Ashtanga Yoga and my teaching style formed by gentle mindfulness and correct alignment. India was my choice to study Ashtanga Primary Series, Meditation, Pranayama and Yoga philosophy; Switzerland was the right place to learn all about Yin Yoga and Katonah Yoga. Yoga Alliance® member, certified RYT 500.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming): Not only in coaching, these tools fit perfectly into Meditation and Mindfulness work. NLP-Master, studied in Germany, DVNLP certified.

MINDFULNESS: As a certified MINDFRESH teacher, I guide my clients through mindful movement, breathing techniques and meditation, a comprehensive and powerful mindfulness formula.

REIKI: Next to its amazing healing capabilities, it’s also a powerful instrument to energetically and spiritually grow. Practitioner Level II of the Usui System of Natural Healing, certified in Switzerland.


  • YOGA TEACHER, Yoga Alliance certified, RYT 500, Kranti Yoga, India: Ashtanga Primary Series, Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga Philosophy
  • ALIGNMENT, Ronald Steiner, AYI, Germany
  • YIN YOGA, Tanja Seehofer, Germany
  • KATONAH YOGA, Abbie Galvin, The Studio, New York
  • NLP MASTER (Neuro Linguistic Programming), DVNLP certified, Leonhard Walczak, Raf Hungerland, Germany
  • REIKI PRACTITIONER LEVEL II of the Usui System of Natural Healing, Yvette Plimmer, Switzerland
  • MINDFULNESS TEACHER, Jen Kluczkowski, Mindfresh, New York
  • ESSENTIAL OILS WELLNESS ADVOCATE, dōTERRA www.mydoterra.com/kathrin

Photocredit Nadja Kappeler

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