Bringing mindfulness into the office

With work demands intensifying, we have to find ways to take care of our wellbeing, during work hours. Truthfully, there just aren’t that many hours we’re not working anymore!

We work with companies to bring more mindfulness into the office, as this will help their employees reduce stress, increase clarity and improve communication – which in return positively impacts their business.

In a mindfulness session, you’ll be guided through mindful movement, breathing techniques and meditation, a comprehensive and powerful mindfulness formula. You will go back to your desk more creative, confident and composed in a present state, ready for the challenges of the day.

As one of 70 hand-selected, international teachers, I’m trained and certified in a unique approach to corporate mindfulness by Jen Kluczkowski, New York. This approach is based on traditional mindfulness practices and in-depth user research within the corporate space, making it the most effective practice in keeping the body and mind functioning at peak potential during the work day.  It has been led nearly 1,700 times at some of the world’s most recognized companies.

Book a session with me! We have a special price for a trial session, valid for first-time clients only. Please contact me for pricing information and booking here.


Photocredit Nadja Kappeler