I started the Transformation course to try something different, but didn’t really had much expectations. And turns out I learned how to listen to myself, to breathe, to let my mind rest. Also had an introduction to meditation, and for the first time, I thought that is something I can actually do. Mostly, I met some interesting people, and at the end of each day, I felt like I was taking care of myself in many ways. It was a great journey, and I am looking forward to the next! (Gabriela)

“I was looking for various tools and practices in order to have a choice of methods. This is why I participated in Kathrin’s Transformation Course. I really liked the varity and it was a lot of fun to test them together with other people. Everyday is different and now I can choose the method which fits into the day, which helps me a lot. Thanks for the journey!!!” (Nicole D.)

“Best yoga in town! Kathrin’s classes are for me the best combination of physical and mental practice. Every class is perfectly thought through, with the right balance between asanas and flows, strength and stretching, power and relaxation. Kathrin pays great attention to the detail, inspiring everyone, beginner or proficient, to find out what is right for themselves, searching and reaching their own limits and learning how to overcome them in a controlled manner. For my back pain Kathrin’s classes have worked like magic, giving me immediate relief after the classes and, over time, significantly improving my flexibility and strength. Last but not least, with Kathrin I have learned to switch off from the day-to-day business challenges and appreciate the perfection of the present moment through a mindful practice.” (Debora)

“I was just expecting a fitness program, but received so much more! I travelled to Bali to attend Kathrin’s retreat as a first-time recruit in the yoga world. As a rather rational person, yoga seemed a bit ‘creepy’ to me, full of many preconceptions. To be honest, with this in mind, I was just hoping for a good workout during my holiday. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Kathrin took me on an internal journey, which broadened my horizon. Her years of experience and her professional way of teaching allowed me to practice correctly aligned yoga in a variety of styles. However, through meditation, breathwork and Reiki, she also helped me reach an emotional and mental level, which allowed me to initiate processes that encouraged me on my individual journey.  Spending this week at Kathrin’s retreat, in this gorgeous place in Bali, with an exquisite small group, I was able to move a huge step forward in my life within a very short time.  I wholeheartedly thank Kathrin for this!” (Julia)

„It’s unbelievable, but after only 4 Reiki distance treatments I feel a huge improvement, meaning clearly less pain. Amazing, keep going!“ (Helga)

“It is a little over 7 weeks ago that we started the retreat with Kathrin @Kura Kura, Bali. This week was sent from heaven and delivered in paradise on earth… The well balanced program throughout the week, with more challenging yoga practice in the morning sessions followed by stretching and calming sessions in the afternoon relaxed us deeper from day to day. The sessions were tailor made for us and both most professionally and empathetic taught and performed. As we were a selected group of people, there was room and freedom for whatever needed to happen, to let go or grow. Kathrin’s broad expertise beyond her yoga profession provided us with the luxury to also experience most stunning Reiki and breath work experiences. And the kind staff of Kura Kura took care of everything around. I am back in my busy routine for more than 7 weeks, but I still feel the silence and rest, this retreat gave to me. I am most thankful, that I had the opportunity to be there and I am looking forward to what’s coming next.” (Nicole)

“What a coincidence: just when I had an urgent need to take some time off I came across the beautiful Kura Kura Yoga retreat in Bali, offering one week of Yoga with Kathrin. A perfect fit…who doesn’t want to spend a week in Bali?! 😉
This timeout with Kathrin gave me more than I expected – she has a wonderful way of combining different Yoga styles to your own personal needs, explaining the benefit of each asana and bringing these poses, the music and your breath all in one flow. But it wasn’t just Yoga: we experienced a fire ceremony, the full moon over Kura Kura, learned to let go and had so much fun together. Thanks to Kathrin and our wonderful group for making this retreat so special… I will always cherish this experience with you!” (Miriam)

“Kathrin is the best Yoga teacher I’ve ever had. I’ve practiced Yoga before but was never fully dedicated. With Kathrin I’ve truly discovered my passion for Yoga. I look forward to every single class with her. Her class is challenging, it is a different experience every time, she provides background information and explains, she overlooks the whole class and at the same time aims for your individual progress. I feel I have improved a lot in the short time that I’ve been with her and I can absolutely recommend her as a teacher. Not to forget that she is a wonderful person! Thanks Kathrin, you’re awesome!” (Alice)

“I have attended Kathrin’s Yoga classes for over 2 years and I really love every single time I go to her class. It’s the right mix of strengthening health and body, improving your postures and understanding the philosophy of Yoga! In my 10+ years of Yoga experience this has been some of the most rewarding new experiences and I feel I’m still learning every time something new. Thanks for making me stronger and inspiring me!!!” (Ben)

“Although I’ve done sports my whole life, I never thought much of Yoga – until I started lessons with Kathrin. Now I’m addicted. Literally. Hooked. It lets me unwind and forget, relax and recharge my batteries. Her lessons are the perfect mix of strenuous and relaxing, making you concentrate so fully on your practice that you literally forget everything around you. Her voice is soothing, and she makes sure our postures are correct, going around to correct us from time to time. I have the tendency to get tense in the upper back, shoulder and neck area. After her lessons it’s all gone though. It’s a miracle to me – thank you Kathrin, for showing me this!” (Daniela)

“I’ve been attending Kathrin’s yoga class for 2 years. The progress I’ve made both physically and in my understanding of Yoga’s meaning and intention is very fulfilling. Her class is a joy and a challenge to myself each time. She accompanies and pushes me to grow but respects my pace. I just love it.” (Marcela)

“Kathrin is a fantastic Yoga teacher. She takes the time to explain all the positions and reminds you about the breath and core muscles engagement etc. I really appreciate how she observes everyone’s progress and helps you evolve and motivates so well! Although it is hard work it makes you feel so energized after the session and prepares you to move on to the rest of your day with calmness and strength. I never skip her class. Thank you Kathrin!“ (Sandra)

“Kathrin is a great yoga teacher, fully committed and passionate about what she is doing. What I particularly appreciate is her way to adapt to your skills and level. She’s correcting your postures as well when needed. I am quite unexperienced and stiff, but I could follow the full Ashtanga course… with a bit of sweating, but a lot of pleasure”. (Marie-Sophie)

“I am a new yogi and greatly appreciate Kathrin’s training style. She makes it easy to learn, as an outstanding role model and trainer when she demonstrates the positions, and creates a very relaxing atmosphere. It is a hard workout and one that I need to relax and stretch, from the stress of sitting at my desk all day, and increase my flexibility. I feel great after the class, calmer and, at the same time, more energetic! Great job!!“ (Annamaria)