# MONDAY, 12:15 – 13:15, Vinyasa Flow
# WEDNESDAY, 12:15 – 13:15, Vinyasa Flow
# SINGLE CLASS: 60min CHF 25.-
# PACKAGE of 10 classes: CHF 230.-
# PRIVATE CLASSES, on appointment (90min CHF 110.-)
# SATURDAY, 16:00 – 18:00
# On a monthly base, date and theme will be announced
# 120min CHF 40.-
# Flow - great the sun - wake your body up softly
By synchronizing breath with movement, you will bring body and mind 
into alignment, getting into a flow, connecting sequences, calm and 
steady. You will gently wake your body up, saying hello to your muscles. 

# Yin Yoga - unstick the fascia - release tension
You will then ease into a yin sequence, holding postures for some 
minutes to reach the connective tissues and the fascia. On the way 
you might face some tension and this will be the moment to let go 
and release. 

# Breathwork - connect deeply - use your breath as your medicine
Finally, you are invited to a journey, using the power of your own 
breath, as a way of treating your body, mind, and spirit to its most 
rich and healing superfood. Music will support to find your rhythm 
while you allow yourself to just receive.
# STADTYOGA, Binzstr. 23, Eingang West, 8045 Zürich
# YOUR HOME, small groups or private classes
# YOUR OFFICE, groups or private classes
# PRIVATE SESSIONS, on appointment
# SINGLE SESSION: 60min CHF 95.-
# PACKAGE of 5 sessions: CHF 440.-
# MINDFULNESS SESSIONS for companies, on appointment
# Contact me for details and pricing guide
Interested? Sign up here


Terms and conditions
# Students are responsible for having appropriate insurance. They are responsible for their health. Any injuries or disorders must be announced before class. Kathrin Schünemann disclaims any liability.
# All students are herewith informed, that their personal data will be stored electronically for the purpose of processing. Regulations re data protection are always complied with.
Photo by Dee Gandhi

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