Let the dedication remain

Good and bad – even if I don’t really like the weight and rigidity of these categories, we’re all using them. Particularly when describing our days, they seem to be like this, either good or bad, cross the board.

The so called bad days tend to get much more attention. Whether it’s our mind being in a bad mood, stressed or overwhelmed or our body, that doesn’t want to move or bend as we wish.

I ask you to be aware and fully enjoy (yes!) both of them. Your full being is different each day, flexible and strong one day, stiff and weak the other day. Your body and your mind, each nothing but a marvel and the way they work together makes you simply a masterpiece. Whatever they offer, just accept it. Life is challenging you, giving you lessons to learn and opportunities to grow.

Accept where you are that day, that moment. With all your limitations, all the mud you might feel stuck in. Have a look at your wings and recognize what you’re able to do. It’s you. In exactly that moment. Be aware and conscious.

Keep on returning to your mat and practice. No matter what you’re doing, no matter how long. Just do it. And love it.

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