My dear yoga teacher

Yes YOU. I know you know. You saw it in my eyes. You felt it. But sometimes we all need to hear or read it. YOU changed my life. Well, I changed it, but YOU made it possible. I’m so lucky, that I had YOU as my teacher. It’s time for a huge THANK YOU!

When I was in Zanzibar recently, I felt so grateful for the lessons I learned and I thought about the key things I learned from all my yoga teachers. Each of you had something really special for me, something that I had to learn from you and just you. But each of you ‘infected’ me badly with the yoga virus 🙂

Anna – the first one! After your first lesson, my brain felt like washed with soap. I didn’t had a clue what happened there, didn’t I just do some work out? I had to help my arms lifting to reach the steering wheel… No way back, my yoga journey started.

Erin – the best online classes ever, you helped me a lot to establish a proper home practice! And yes, I am a bad yogi per definition.

Geri – you are the yoga goddess and your attitude should be modeled by many!

Steve – your humor even made anatomy talks ‘easy’, haha….

Bea – even if Aerial yoga was rather an excursion for me, you showed me my acrobatic potential! But there’s more. It’s called trust.

Julia – you woke up a sleeping dog – Ashtanga? Hell, no! Oh yes! How did you get all this into my body and into my mind? You can’t imagine how happy I am, having you as my main teacher again for the next big step!

Upendra – OM shanti, shanti, shantiiiii. I am shiva. Your teachings have been really different and worth every single second. I experienced my subtile body!

Magda – backbending…. Yes, I’ve got an idea now, constantly opening and one day, I’ll be there too!

Kranti – Indian adjustments. And I will probably get more of them in a couple of months! Can’t wait to be back in the shala….

Moisés – yes you! Headstand! Not just technique, you made me believe in myself.

Ronald – Alignment. Pure. The spiritual element can be bodywork too, no limits, it’s all one. You called the Ashtangis in the group and I was wondering, huh, is it me too? Yes, it was and it felt amazing!

Ashling – you beautiful soul! Your adjustments helped a lot, but much more important, although I was your student, you made me feel being part of the yoga teacher community!

It seems YOU did an amazing job, as I’m a yoga teacher too now (still can’t believe it!) and will always be a student same time, keen to learn. THANK YOU. For your lessons, your patience, your help. Thank you for being YOU. Giving is a gift, receiving is a miracle!

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