Struggling? Just practice!

Yesterday, I arrived home in a quite bad mood; a fight was shaking up my life, exhausting, inapprehensible, offending and sadly without any clarification. My mind was struggling — shall I practice? It’s usually my day off…, but I felt a proper practice might help clearing my mind. On the other hand, I was bloody hungry and a drink sounded really promising.

I have chosen the mat. What a wise decision!

I started with a short meditation to calm down. Reminded myself to be aware, control my movements, carefully not pushing too hard. Deep breathing helped me to stay focussed on my practice, no room for any thoughts. My bad mood set an unbelievable energy free. Asanas felt easy, no stiffness at all, I even had a couple of breakthroughs! An amazing practice made me feel much better. Strong and flexible. I could let go my anger and even if there’s no solution yet, I felt kind of purified.

Just practice and your mind will follow. SO TRUE.

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