Is there a perfect mat?

Some of my students asked me to recommend a mat and after lots of bad buys, I know what I’m talking about. Having said that, I can of course only refer to those I tested and what’s even more important, I can only talk about MY needs. I have slightly clammy palms and that’s why I slip on most mats. Which is quite dangerous, I definitely need a mat with grip. Next to classical mats, I also tried these rags you put on top of a mat and the traditional Indian cotton rags, which I love, but nope, I was slipping.

Honestly I only know one mat, which is really 100% non slippery for me: Lululemon. Their mats are reversible, one side has this major grip that stops everything, no matter how much you sweat. No, I’m not paid for saying that! I use mine since many years now and they are still perfect for me. Same for the travel mat, I go nowhere without.

But hey, there are many mats I never tried, so if you are still looking for the perfekt match, this guide might be a helpful resource:

If you are wondering if you even need a mat, check this post, I already wrote about it:

As I found my perfect mat, I strongly believe there’s a perfect one for everybody, it just might not be the same! You will have to test yourself, even if  there are very useful guides and recommendations, finally they can only offer a preselection. It’s all up to you, your requirements and habits. Your mat is your home, make it a place you love to be!