Stop showing up. Do YOGA.

Stop showing up. I appreciate simple poses that make us feel great, not just the glorified yoga porn that’s all over social media. It’s not about jumping into the next posture. Huh, what’s my next challenge?

Don’t get me wrong, I like watching yogis that are practicing pretty advanced asanas and flows. I’m also working on certain postures. But I’m fed up with all this showing up. Couldn’t be more opposite to what yoga is.

Listen to yourself, stay with your practice, progress will come. Sometimes just in baby steps. You also might never be able to do certain poses. So what? It’s not about that. Go back to your pure self and listen. Start your practice and focus on basic postures. Have you ever really appreciated the benefits of ‚legs on the wall’? It’s nourishing, calming for the nervous system and grounding. Hanging out with your legs up the wall is one of the best ways to help drain tension from the legs and feet.

Work on things that are internal, things you feel. Such as Samasthiti. Breath. Bandhas. If you worked a lot on a certain posture and one day, you made it, yes, share it! Share your happiness, share your progress. I just ask you to stop showing up and making yoga just a competition of flexibility and/or strength.

Do YOGA. Not just asanas.

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