Pay off

Discipline. Persistence. Trust. Faith. Practice. 6 days a week. It works.

Our bodies are very different – what’s easy for you might be impossible for someone else. Or the other way around. Age is another barrier, as it’s much harder to gain strength, overcome stiffness and convince our bodies of new options. Plus all of a sudden, there’s fear. The older we get, the more.

So it’s not just the body. The mind has to support a lot. No room for evil thoughts, but a can do approach. No limits. It just takes its time.

Headstand is quite easy for a lot of people. Some need a bit more practice. It took me about 8 months to be able to do free headstand, without the wall or any other support. Progress in baby steps. And finally, I was there. Tears were running over my face. I did it. It felt so easy…

Never give up. Do what you want to do. Even if it takes ages. It’s so worth it!

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