Mind stiff, not body.

Kurmasana and Supta Kurmasana – I tried them long ago and wondered how this should be ever possible. It felt as if my arms were close to break! Meaning most times, I skipped them or tried half-assed, of course without any effort.

Some weeks ago, my teacher pushed my shoulders down, closed the gap between arms and legs and I could walk my feet forward. No pain at all. Ups. So simple?

Next step, Supta Kurmasana. Turn the arms, palms face up, a strap to help, walk the feet in, cross and head down on the mat. Ups. Here we go. Easy.

What? Hold on! Easy? Ok, my feet should be behind my head for full posture in Supta, but hell, I’m quite close! And babe, this is an excellent example of how my mind stopped me, while my body can do. My teacher showed my body how to go into the posture, my mind in awe-stricken silence.

Let’s allow our bodies to work and send our minds into a well deserved break while practicing!

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