Testimonials – oh là là

After a very, very sad experience, I’m back in Zurich, trying to prepare myself for my classes next week. I read what my lovely students recently wrote for me and I don’t want to leave it just as it is, but share it with you.

Oh. My. God. After 2 years of teaching, I asked my students if someone would write a short testimonial for my site here. Kind of feedback for me, listening, learning, maybe rethinking, readjusting here and there. Plus, as I just started to teach more, brand new classes, I thought it might be good for my new students, for those who like to know more about the teacher.

Woop woop, I’m totally flashed! I mean, I didn’t expect any really bad comments, but sooooo good? I love my students, so sweat! Thanks a million, this means the world to me! Honestly, I’m deeply touched. Thank YOU :-*

Wanna read it? Here you go.

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