Props – yes/no?

When practicing Ashtanga, we usually don’t use any other resources but our body and breath. However, from time to time I find it quite useful to get some support. Never to force the body into something, but some help to get used to a certain posture.

It can also be beneficial particularly for rather stiff bodies, to simply extend the arms, which might enable them to get a better understanding of the posture.

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There’s more

Many people practice yoga as their fitness regime – which I believe is totally fine, if this is what they want. However, yoga shouldn’t be placed in the fitness realm. Getting a strong and flexible body might happen through regular practice, but yoga isn’t just moving from one pose to another. It’s about ourselves, establish a deep connection to the self and learn on the way.

If you’re after competition and judgment, the yoga studio is the wrong place to be, as yoga isn’t competitive at all, it’s not about can or can’t, it’s not about the student next to you. We are using asanas to quieten our mind, to slide into a moving meditation.

That doesn’t mean we can’t do some of the fancy stuff that is popular right now! Go, try everything that catches your attention, but also understand there is more. 

When attending a yoga class, be prepared that you might not get what you want. Instead, be open to receive what the teacher is ready to give to you. Encouraging and guiding you to look inward, and become rooted in the deeper sense of yoga.

It’s a slow process, there’s no rush.

Photocredit Pasindu Madushan Photography

Testimonials – oh là là

After a very, very sad experience, I’m back in Zurich, trying to prepare myself for my classes next week. I read what my lovely students recently wrote for me and I don’t want to leave it just as it is, but share it with you.

Oh. My. God. After 2 years of teaching, I asked my students if someone would write a short testimonial for my site here. Kind of feedback for me, listening, learning, maybe rethinking, readjusting here and there. Plus, as I just started to teach more, brand new classes, I thought it might be good for my new students, for those who like to know more about the teacher.

Woop woop, I’m totally flashed! I mean, I didn’t expect any really bad comments, but sooooo good? I love my students, so sweat! Thanks a million, this means the world to me! Honestly, I’m deeply touched. Thank YOU :-*

Wanna read it? Here you go.