We had such a beautiful practice this morning! It was the Primary Series, together with my soul sister and it was literally this: soul related. We chanted the opening prayer together and from there just flowing through the asanas in perfect harmony. Our breath synchronized, like the asanas, even the vinyasas seamed to be twins. In the Ashtanga practice we say each breath initiates a movement. This was exactly the case, but it was doubled. Each of us in her own bubble, while both of us together, we were riding the waves of our breath, translated them into movement, whilst dancing a beautiful synchronicity.

This very peaceful and touching practice did not end with the closing. It was my companion throughout the day and I still feel it.

Give it a try yogis if you not already have, it’s such a stunning and touching energy! A led Ashtanga class is of course supposed to deliver exactly this, as everyone is following the teachers counts and should do exactly the same, same time, including breathing.

However, I never experienced this effect of synchronicity better than practicing with a close friend. Thanks soulsis for making my day!

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