You are what you eat

I know, this isn’t a food blog. Yoga is the topic. So what’s the thing about yoga and food? Well, yoga isn’t just physical practice. Yoga is so much more than doing postures on a mat. I mentioned a couple of times the so called 8 limbs (read more here union or here what is yoga), but today I’d like to keep it more holistic. Not diving into the yoga philosophy, but looking at some effects of a continuous yoga practice. The non-physical effects.

Even if I don’t like to generalize, it happens to everyone I know who practices regularly and consistent. Yoga helps to be more aware. Aware of the body, but also of the mind. Yoga opens the path to handle our thoughts easier, like when we control our breath. Huhhhh, really? Well, almost! Yoga helps us to open up, to release and let go. Yoga stabilizes us to better deal with what life throws at us.

Yogis tend to question what’s good for them and what’s not. Ah, now we are there – food. Of course an awaken consciousness also affects what we eat. This doesn’t mean all yogis are vegan! But all of a sudden, it catches our interest what we eat and how food effects our body. We tend to eat more conscious, no matter what diet. Whatever nourishes our body. And mind! It’s getting pretty easy to jump on that healthy path, particularly when it’s so yummy! Even if eating healthy get’s easier, it should never be a rigorous approach – it’s all about balance! Eat healthy and enjoy a glas of wine. Follow your diet and treat yourself with a gorgeous ice-cream. Balance. Just nibble on a green leave isn’t about enjoying life. Find your balance and do it conscious. Always allow yourself to sin without any regret, but fun!


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