We went on retreat!

What does it actually mean to go on a retreat?

Literally to retreat means to move back or withdraw. Step back from our daily tasks and habits, spend time in community, reset and open up to new inputs, eventually extend our comfort zone and deepen practices.

We went to the beautiful island of Mallorca, away from tourism, staying at a magical place, where the energy of the place and the people were welcoming us.  

When hosting a retreat, I’m fully committed to be authentically me. While all practices are properly planned, I’m open for the dynamics of the group to change plans for the better. Flexibility is key! 

Not just a variety of different yoga practices, also spirituality is a huge part, but never as a doctrine, it comes naturally as an experience for the participants.

And yes, there was more! 

Healthy and tasty food, no so healthy (but nevertheless yummy) drinks, a lot of laughter, great talks, quiet times, the nourishing spring sun, massages, sound healing, breathwork, and and and…. And the fun of good company!

We had a blast and I’m already thinking about the next one…. stay tuned!

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