We went on retreat!

What does it actually mean to go on a retreat?

Literally to retreat means to move back or withdraw. Step back from our daily tasks and habits, spend time in community, reset and open up to new inputs, eventually extend our comfort zone and deepen practices.

We went to the beautiful island of Mallorca, away from tourism, staying at a magical place, where the energy of the place and the people were welcoming us.  

When hosting a retreat, I’m fully committed to be authentically me. While all practices are properly planned, I’m open for the dynamics of the group to change plans for the better. Flexibility is key! 

Not just a variety of different yoga practices, also spirituality is a huge part, but never as a doctrine, it comes naturally as an experience for the participants.

And yes, there was more! 

Healthy and tasty food, no so healthy (but nevertheless yummy) drinks, a lot of laughter, great talks, quiet times, the nourishing spring sun, massages, sound healing, breathwork, and and and…. And the fun of good company!

We had a blast and I’m already thinking about the next one…. stay tuned!

The next Retreat is on!

We do it again! Join us!!! Immerse into the power of the yoga frequency and enjoy a long weekend filled with yoga, wellness and some fab surprises for you!

3rd to 6th October – please see details below and let us know if you’re in! I’m mixing languages now, apologies for that, but the retreat will be hold in German.

Herbstzauber im Tirol – 4 Tage Yoga Retreat

Es erwartet dich eine Auszeit an einem besonderen Kraftplatz inmitten der Tiroler Berge. Mit Yoga, Meditation, Wellness, Wandern oder gemütlichem Spazieren kannst du mit allen Sinnen geniessen, abschalten, regenerieren und dich verwöhnen lassen. Du wirst Harmonie für Körper und Seele erleben.

Von Do 3. Oktober bis So 6. Oktober 2019 lassen wir es uns besonders gut gehen und geniessen das gute Leben. 

Darauf kannst du dich freuen:

  • 6 Lektionen Yoga unterschiedlicher Stilrichtungen für einen energiegeladenen Start in den Tag und entspannten Abend, weitere Highlights und Überraschungen.
  • Zwei Lehrerinnen die bestens ausgebildete sind in Yoga, Meditation und Mindfulness. Es zeichnet sie langjährige Unterrichtserfahrung in verschiedenen Yoga Stilen, Kompetenz, Kreativität, Empathie, Herzlichkeit, Freude am Umgang mit Menschen, viel Begeisterung und Spass am Unterrichten aus und lassen so jede Lektion zu einem besonderen Erlebnis werden.
  • Ein exklusives 5 Sterne Verwöhnhotel mit Gourmetküche, wunderschöner Wellnesslandschaft und Spa für deine rundum Erholung.
  • Diese abwechslungsreiche Auszeit ist auch bestens für Yoga Anfänger geeignet!

Hier klicken für weitere Infos und Anmeldung.


Done!!! I couldn’t feel more grateful – what a journey, what a week! Very intense, same time easy flowing. Flow is the right term, everything at the right time. No forcing, no judging. We just did it. Calm, peaceful, with a huge portion of passion. Great practice, touching ceremonies, yoga, breathwork, meditation, mindfulness.

But the best part was to share all this with stunning souls. Everyone so different, everyone in the same groove.

Thank you universe for giving me the courage to host my own yoga retreat. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done and I’m pretty sure, I will do it again!

Bali bliss to all you babes out there, keep on rocking, realize your dreams, fuck the doubts ✌️

Let’s go Bali

Yogis! There are still some spots left – join us! All levels welcome, let’s have a most beautiful week in a stunning surrounding – bring a friend and get 10% DISCOUNT!

We will enjoy together a magical self-pampering week in Bali; we will flow and sweat, stretch and relax, breathe and tune in, talk and laugh, relax and enjoy…see all details here:


Meet me in paradise!

Have you ever thought about doing a Yoga retreat? It was a big thing for me when I did my first one years ago. A step into the unknown – not knowing the place, nor the people or teachers. I wasn’t used to travel the world on my own, so I had to convince myself to follow my longing. It felt like a break through into a new world, a world of travelling and meeting new people from around the world. Exciting and a bit scaring same time.

I can’t express how happy and overall grateful I am that I decided to go that time. This holiday changed my life forever. In a good sense of course!

Many years later, I will host my own retreat (woop woop!) and you know what? It will be at the same stunning beautiful location where I attended my first one! This is so exciting and I love to make this a magical week for my participants too. They will be pampered with delicious vegetarian food, dive into the power of the yoga frequency and experience a feeling of being family.

Are you wondering if this is something for you? Read my post here to get some clarity.

Interested? Check the details of my magical week in Bali – hope to see your there! Welcome to paradise!



I’m working on the Yin classes for our retreat next year — and I’m happy to give a hint on what to expect:

Next to the Ashtanga or Vinyasa classes in the morning, we will practice Yin Yoga in the evenings, which means we will go into the postures and hold them for several minutes. Our focus will be on our breath while we will strengthen the mobility of the joints and stretch the deeper muscles, the connective tissues and fascia. The meridian systems will be stimulated and inner organs massaged.

Each class will focus on one of the five elements — wood, fire, earth, metal and water. We will learn about the relating organs as well as the assigned emotions. No worries, we won’t go to much into the theory, but experience it!

Each class will have an introducing meditation and/or breathing sequence to prepare us for the calming, but intense practice.

I’m so looking forward to seeing you there! Get the details here and contact me for any questions!

Let the games begin!

Woop woop – the work started! Just creating the first Yin Yoga sequence for my Yoga Retreat next year. A new book with blank pages is waiting to be filled…. We will practice Yin, Pranayama and Meditation each evening to relax and unwind as well as soothe our soul. We will float into the evenings with a huge smile on our faces 🙂

The booking is open!


Get your plans sorted for May 2018 and join me for a magical week in Bali! We will flow and sweat, stretch and relax, talk and laugh, relax and enjoy…. pampered by the beautiful Kura Kura family 🙂

Secure yourself a place on our retreat by booking now! Let’s get in contact, the ball’s in your court now! Find the details here or at the Kura Kura webpage.



WE go Bali!!!

WE? Yes darling, join me! Let’s spend next years’ spring in paradise:

Let’s TUNEin:BALI!

Let’s dive into the power of the yoga frequency! Let’s have fun, chill, work, play, strengthen, lengthen, laugh, release, let go, connect…. Let’s breathe the ocean, let the sun kiss your skin, let the salty water soften your senses, immerse yourself fully into the healing energy of Bali.

Join my yoga retreat 26th May – 1st June 2018

I know, it’s quite an early announcement, buuuuut, you might like to plan in advance and as soon as the airlines open for that time, we will be able to get a good deal 😉

So, want to know the details? Here you go: TUNEin:BALI!

I’m sooooo excited! It will be amazing yogis, join me!

Good things are on its way!

I’m back from the island of gods – a most beautiful time to slow down, relax, release and reconnect. Finally fully back to my own practice, which was so easy and playful over there. The first days back home were made of extreme ups and downs, but that’s the chili of life isn’t it? We don’t want it being just smooth and boring 😉

Yogis, I’ve got some news for you! Please check this website, it’s full of new pictures, done by the wonderful Dee Gandhi! The photoshoot was such an awesome experience, which leaves me in pure gratitude. No make-up, no perfectionism, just the pure me.

So, what’s in for you? This summer will be a workshop summer! I worked on some ideas and think I’ve got some really nice topics for you. Will figure out the details soon, stay tuned!

Last but not least, tatatataaaaaa: I will host a yoga retreat in Bali next year! Boom! A stunning beautiful place is waiting for you and I can’t wait to work on the details. Dates and all information to come soon. I’m sooooo excited!


Photos by Dee Gandhi, www.AlokaCreative.com