Meditation and the mind

Have you ever wondered how to stop thoughts in meditation?

The simple answer is, you don’t. You can’t stop them, so let them come and just don’t give them any attention and eventually they will pass.

It made a big difference for me once I understood what the mind actually is. The mind is a function of the body, of the brain and through thoughts, it creates our self image. 

All aspects of the mind are verbs, not nouns. The mind is not your enemy, as it’s not even an entity! It’s a believed thought that the mind is a problem. All conflict is due to believed thoughts, while thoughts are mental constructs, that we tend to identify with.

In meditation we aim to connect with our true self and not with one of our body functions. So let the mind do its job, but don’t jump in and let it take over.

If there’s too much going on in your mind, ask yourself, who is talking to whom? It’s the mind talking to the mind. It’s not YOU talking! It’s one of many functions in the body, and it loves to talk non-stop. With itself. While we are listening, believing, and identifying ourselves with these thoughts. Get the roles right. The mind is important, thoughts are, but you are not your mind and you can step away from all these talks and focus on YOU.

If you find your mind disturbing, it might be the mind finding itself disturbing! Consciousness is undisturbed and unmoved, mind is just part of the contents of consciousness.

Meditation is a state of simple basic awareness, dropping into moments of quiet presence. Just be. Accept what is, without reacting or judging. Only the conditioned mind judges.


Judgement. A hard word. It might be a matter of language, but the word itself is kind of giving me a jerk. I even feel guilty without knowing why!

Are you free of judging? What about your practice? Are you looking at your neighbor in class? Analyzing what he/she is doing better? Or worse? Did you see her belly? OMG, this must be a so called 6 pack! Wait, this tiny awesome looking girl has cellulite? Thank good, not just me… oh this posture is looking so bad! Can’t believe the teacher doesn’t correct anything…. Alright, you already switched to bitching about your pears!

Well, judgement can also be directed against yourself. Thoughts such as, I wish I could wear this, but I’m to fat. I’ll never be able to do this pose, I’m just not flexible enough, I look ridiculous, I’ll never ever attend a class again… and millions more.

Are any of those sound familiar?

You know what helps? Continue practicing yoga. The purpose of yoga is purification. Yes, it’s not about being the queen/king of flexibility. It’s not about fancy asanas and poses. It’s about getting rid of all those expectations, purifying your mind and connecting to your self. Yoga is your practice to be luminous, clear, happy and focused. You won’t win a price for mastering your chaturanga. Nope. Neither headstand, no applause.

When you’re on your mat next time, starting your practice, take a couple of deep breath and let your intention be „non-judgement“. Practice for yourself. Don’t care about others, don’t even care about yourself. Listen to your teacher, breathe, flow and enjoy. Not thoughts about right or wrong, good or bad, can or can’t. Accept that everything is exactly how it should be in this moment.

Enjoy the ride yogi, just be.