New recordings!

Yogis, we’re going multilingual!

I recorded for you

  • a body relaxation – English
  • a guided meditation, a moment of excellence – English
  • a combination, a body relaxation and a guided meditation – German
  • Yoga Nidra, the yogic sleep – German

Enjoy lovelies and relax! Here you go, sit down, lay down and listen.

Let me know if you have any wishes for the next recordings!


Recordings for you!

Yogis! I’m so bloody excited!!!

Got something new for you! I just published a recording of a body relaxation, and some guided meditations to follow soon 🙂

I know, couple of mistakes in – I did it free flow, no script – but I want to get it out to you! So please don’t hold it against me, I’m just a little too excited! Got plenty of room for improvement and if you want to help me, please leave a comment. All those technology stuff is new to me, I hope you can access it, if not, please let me know.

Here you go, enjoy: BODY SCAN