You need to slow down before you can speed up.

Who is busier? Who has more important things to do? Are you in a competition of who can get more out of the work day? Obsessed with your to do list? Is this where you find your value? Do you feel comfortable being driven by chaos and fear?

Do you feel something is wrong with you when welcoming the idea of rest?

It may not feel safe to rest for different reasons, but what if you just give yourself permission to? What if you would trust your desire to calm down? To just breathe?

I sometimes feel like living in two worlds. One being the yoga world – no, I’m not only talking about the asana practice, but about all the practices, such as meditation, yoga nidra, mindfulness, breathing techniques etc. The other world being the business work, the daily challenges, high speed and useless competitions. 

Never underestimate the practice of rest and calm. Many years ago, I had a breathtaking experience during a yoga nidra session – I left my body. Relaxing was never easy for me as a named control freak, so you can imagine my surprise. I was fully conscious, feeling, seeing, yes even thinking something like, gosh what’s happening here? It was such an incredible experience and when I told my teacher about it, he just smiled at me, saying, so you experienced your subtle body! Congrats!

It was as if all the theory, all the teachings proved to be true. I’ve got a glimpse. This was just the beginning. I understood, that conscious rest and sense withdrawal isn’t just being lazy and hanging around, but can be an intense experience of another dimension. It doesn’t has to go to the extreme each time, but it is about nourishing the body, recharging, connecting. Meeting your true self. 

So let’s merge both worlds in a sense of implementing the calmness into the crazy.

Let’s do it together, join my 3 weeks course, „The Transformation“

New recordings!

Yogis, we’re going multilingual!

I recorded for you

  • a body relaxation – English
  • a guided meditation, a moment of excellence – English
  • a combination, a body relaxation and a guided meditation – German
  • Yoga Nidra, the yogic sleep – German

Enjoy lovelies and relax! Here you go, sit down, lay down and listen.

Let me know if you have any wishes for the next recordings!


Recordings for you!

Yogis! I’m so bloody excited!!!

Got something new for you! I just published a recording of a body relaxation, and some guided meditations to follow soon 🙂

I know, couple of mistakes in – I did it free flow, no script – but I want to get it out to you! So please don’t hold it against me, I’m just a little too excited! Got plenty of room for improvement and if you want to help me, please leave a comment. All those technology stuff is new to me, I hope you can access it, if not, please let me know.

Here you go, enjoy: BODY SCAN