Body talk

This morning, when I tried to get out of my bed, I had an enthusiastic ‚good morning‘ from my gluts, hamstrings, psoas and deltoids. Oh oh…. I had a gentle (true!) come back to my Ashtanga practice yesterday and my body seems not to be over happy about this. Although I didn’t get any complains yesterday, this morning I heard my body loud and clear:

„What the f***? I thought you gave it up? I liked this lazy Yin stuff! Cmon, Ashtanga again, sure? Let’s see what you think of the nice package I’ve prepared for you: overall stiffness, sore muscles, shortened tendons.“

My dear body, please stop being difficult, stop complaining! I promise to be mindful, respecting your mood of the day and accepting any limitations. Let’s have some fun together and rock this life!

On the mat ♥