Home practice – give it a try

This is how I get started

I used to go into a yoga studio, when one day I recognized, that I left the studio not that positively energized as I used to. There were a couple of changes, that haven’t been good for me. Instead of hopping through various studios, I gave home practice a try and was surprised how easy it was to keep track. All my former teachers were still in my ears and I could hear them adjusting me. Which helps a lot! I didn’t pushed myself too hard and also found excellent video courses online. I skipped these courses since I jumped into the Ashtanga world, however, once in a while I’m still looking for an interesting class, take a one2one class or attend a workshop. Great opportunities to get inspired, to learn and also get adjusted.

Not to underestimate the amazing energy of practicing in a large group, particularly in an Ashtanga led class, when everybody breathe the same rhythm. Very touching! Love to have this from time to time, as a kind of add on.

Even if I prefer practicing at home for my daily routine, see why:

  1. Freedom – customized practice in terms of what I do, how long and when
  2. No comparison – of course, we should not, but in class we can’t fully avoid to compare ourselves to others. Our abilities to do certain postures, even our bodies…. Yes, non-yogic, but human!
  3. No hassle with what to wear – I practice just as I am or put on what feels best in that moment. Fancy yoga brands, pajama, bikini…. My pants slipping down, my top up? Who cares?
  4. Playground – best place to break the rules! For discovery, play and curiosity. You won’t blame yourself, but might have a good laugh!
  5. Mood-matching – I might feel like having some gentle ‘pling-plong’ music in the background, I might feel like having a good beat to support my body moving or I might want to listen just to my Ujjay breath – whatever, my mood, my choice.
  6. Peace of mind – without any distraction, I found it easier to go internal and focus, to listen to my body and connect with myself.

Give it a try! When you’re a beginner, get started in class. It’s key to get a feeling for the postures, get used to breathing techniques and understand basic alignment.

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