Make your practice yours

There’s a change happening right now. Many of us are looking for more mindful, sustainable, and harmonious ways of living. Covered in concrete, we now start to value nature again and look for a way to reconnect. This doesn’t only mean to go for a walk in a forest or beach once in a while, it’s a longing inside, which is exactly about that: inside. Us. We lost ourselves in this over-active and busy lives; now is the time to step back from competition and stress.

I believe this change will also affect our yoga practice. We are more and more seeking for a quieter practice, rediscover our intuition and connect to ourselves. Same time bringing any new experiences and learnings into our every-day life, so it can work there too.

This is the start of a home practice. Leaving the stressful life aside to connect with our own nature. Learning to breathe again, to listen to our bodies, to feel, to understand. Instead of running from the office to make it in time to a class, why not practicing at home? It is a change, particularly if you are not living alone and the family is requesting your time. The right moment to claim some me-time. One hour and then you’ll be there for your family. Yes, it is possible and it will also change your family by respecting individual boundaries and resources.

Get a teacher for a one-to-one teaching from time to time, so you can set up your routine together and also to get aligned and adjusted. Step out of your routine and the crazy life – start looking for you. Understanding your body, your emotions, desires, and also your fears and doubts, by reconnecting to your nature. It is your practice, make it yours. 

Are you in Switzerland? I’m available for one to one teaching from end October – book your slot and experience the difference!

Home Practice

Have you established a home practice yet? No? Let me tell you why this is a great idea and what helps to set it up. It’s so much more than just move and stretch your muscles! Commitment to a home practice – ideally 6 days a week (I know…!)  is a commitment to self-discipline and part of a transformation into a healthy body and mind. It will be the start of something great, it will change you. And yes, the difficult part is showing up on the mat. The easy part is, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing and how long, as long as you’re practicing. Even this will change over time!

First things first – why it’s so damn good for you

  • You will develop a personal discipline, which won’t stop at your mat, but support you in all parts of your life
  • You will create a healthy habit, which might make you more aware of health in general
  • It will allow you to tune and play your own instrument: the body
  • It will soothe your soul, feed your spirit and make you a more efficient practitioner in the world
  • You will learn and appreciate to be alone

Bring it on – how you will succeed

  • Set a fix time that suits your daily schedule. Even if morning first thing is most efficient and recommended, it has to fit into your life so you can stick to it. Of course it can be different during the week and on the weekends! Whatever works for you.
  • Create an inspiring surrounding – if you have a spare room, decorate it to feel good there. If not, no problem at all, make it nice wherever you enroll your mat. Maybe a nice view out, you might want to light a candle, turn music on, diffuse essential oils, whatever it is that makes it inspiring for you, will make it easier.
  • Be committed to show up, no matter how long. Start easy. Define how many times a week and go from there. Even if everything inside tells you no no no, not today! Roll out your mat and practice.
  • There might be days you just sit down to breathe for 5 minutes. Alternatively, a 10 minutes meditation, maybe a 60 minutes asana practice. That’s great, job done.

Take it easy, but stick to your commitment! It is a huge step, but so worth it…. Go for it yogi! Remember, you don’t have to start at 100%, a step by step approach will help to slowly get used to it. Whenever you don’t manage to stick to your commitment, notice how this feels. Laugh and call it a day, you’re not supposed to be wonderwoman or superman 🙂

Home practice – give it a try

This is how I get started

I used to go into a yoga studio, when one day I recognized, that I left the studio not that positively energized as I used to. There were a couple of changes, that haven’t been good for me. Instead of hopping through various studios, I gave home practice a try and was surprised how easy it was to keep track. All my former teachers were still in my ears and I could hear them adjusting me. Which helps a lot! I didn’t pushed myself too hard and also found excellent video courses online. I skipped these courses since I jumped into the Ashtanga world, however, once in a while I’m still looking for an interesting class, take a one2one class or attend a workshop. Great opportunities to get inspired, to learn and also get adjusted.

Not to underestimate the amazing energy of practicing in a large group, particularly in an Ashtanga led class, when everybody breathe the same rhythm. Very touching! Love to have this from time to time, as a kind of add on.

Even if I prefer practicing at home for my daily routine, see why:

  1. Freedom – customized practice in terms of what I do, how long and when
  2. No comparison – of course, we should not, but in class we can’t fully avoid to compare ourselves to others. Our abilities to do certain postures, even our bodies…. Yes, non-yogic, but human!
  3. No hassle with what to wear – I practice just as I am or put on what feels best in that moment. Fancy yoga brands, pajama, bikini…. My pants slipping down, my top up? Who cares?
  4. Playground – best place to break the rules! For discovery, play and curiosity. You won’t blame yourself, but might have a good laugh!
  5. Mood-matching – I might feel like having some gentle ‘pling-plong’ music in the background, I might feel like having a good beat to support my body moving or I might want to listen just to my Ujjay breath – whatever, my mood, my choice.
  6. Peace of mind – without any distraction, I found it easier to go internal and focus, to listen to my body and connect with myself.

Give it a try! When you’re a beginner, get started in class. It’s key to get a feeling for the postures, get used to breathing techniques and understand basic alignment.