No time to practice? No worries!

Yesterday I was so in a rush and my body told me stop, I need some practice. I knew, my body needed to stretch and sweat, I knew my mind needed some rest.

So babe, first of all, there’s ALWAYS time. It doesn’t has to be a full primary series, it doesn’t have to be a full hour or even more. You don’t have to rush into a studio. Get your home practice started!

This was my quick practice yesterday, and it felt amazing:

  • 5 Sun Salutations A
  • 3 Sun Salutations B
  • 5 Sun Salutations A
  • childspose with open knees (to catch the breath and additional stretch)
  • 3x plank, holding for 10 breaths (for not just my core working, I put a block between my legs, so my thighs had some fun too)
  • 3x planks on elbows (hello core, hello shoulders)
  • 1 side plank each side (hmmmmmm, getting loooong)
  • headstand for 20 breath (to find my center and yes, to turn the world upside down, loooooove it!)
  • Yoga mudra (to turn everything back and rest a moment)


Even less time? Skip the 2nd round of sun salutation A and go with this first series of plank only.

Easy. Efficient. Fun. No excuses any longer babe.

One thought on “No time to practice? No worries!

  1. Well done, Kathrin! I feel the same and I did no yoga Practice. I did TRE, psoas release. 7 exercities and then shake your legs. It takes a half our.


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