Relax darling

Stop the rush. What’s the point? You can’t overrule time. Time doesn’t even exist. Relax! Slow down. Breathe. Feel your body. Everything – your muscles, tendon, the skeleton, your organs, yes, even your fascia. Feel.

Get intimate with your body. And same time relax. Breathe deeper. Carefully stretch. Mmmmmmhhhhhh….. that feels so good…

Time doesn’t exist

A pic just reminded me of an experience 5 years ago. But it wasn‘t just about a beautiful memory, it made me think of everything that happend the last 5 years. All that happened to me, with me, through me.


5 years feel like a lifetime. 5 years feel like a single moment. What is time? We only have the present moment, this is our reality. How we feel about time tells us a lot about time as such. It was yesterday. It was 5 years ago. Years packed with actions that would fit an entire life. Anyhow, it’s the same. Time to set us free from time, it just doesn’t matter.

I’m so grateful for this experience somewhen in my life, as it changed everything. I found my path. Hallelujah.

Experience the gap

December calls us to connection. To generosity. To lighting lights in the darkness. To moon bathing. Get your crystals out to clean and recharge during Sundays’ full moon!

Let’s take time to slow down, time to connect and breathe. As you gently breathe in and out, notice the space in between. The space between your inhales and exhales, your exhales and inhales. That space between your breath is neither in or out, there’s no activity. It is the present moment, it is your still point. The present moment is this moment, where time doesn’t exist. There’s no past, no future, now is all that is.

Don’t do anything but breathe and observe. Get used to it. Experience the present moment. Being, instead of doing.

This too is yoga.

No time to practice? No worries!

Yesterday I was so in a rush and my body told me stop, I need some practice. I knew, my body needed to stretch and sweat, I knew my mind needed some rest.

So babe, first of all, there’s ALWAYS time. It doesn’t has to be a full primary series, it doesn’t have to be a full hour or even more. You don’t have to rush into a studio. Get your home practice started!

This was my quick practice yesterday, and it felt amazing:

  • 5 Sun Salutations A
  • 3 Sun Salutations B
  • 5 Sun Salutations A
  • childspose with open knees (to catch the breath and additional stretch)
  • 3x plank, holding for 10 breaths (for not just my core working, I put a block between my legs, so my thighs had some fun too)
  • 3x planks on elbows (hello core, hello shoulders)
  • 1 side plank each side (hmmmmmm, getting loooong)
  • headstand for 20 breath (to find my center and yes, to turn the world upside down, loooooove it!)
  • Yoga mudra (to turn everything back and rest a moment)


Even less time? Skip the 2nd round of sun salutation A and go with this first series of plank only.

Easy. Efficient. Fun. No excuses any longer babe.