The heart of yoga

During your practice focus on your breath. Your breath initiates the movements. There’s nothing but breath. The rhythm of your inhales and exhales. Without the breath there is in fact no yoga. Your steady focus on the breath is what makes your practice deep, intense and finally a moving meditation. Not asanas, but breath is the heart of yoga.

On the mat you let go. Each inhale nourishes you, with every exhale you let go. Stiffness, inflexibility. Limiting beliefs, bad habits, fears. Judgement. Your breath creates the rhythm of your practice. You feel what you are doing without thinking about it. Learning to trust. Yourself.

Your breath is your music. Listen to the sound of the ocean you create. Allow the waves to flow through your body, wash you internally. Making your body smooth and flexibel.

Let the wind of your breath drive your movements – stretch, bend, fold, bind, lift, open. Turn the world upside down. Feel. Free yourself and open your heart.

Allow your breath to lighten you up inside. Start shining.

From this point on yogi – just promise me you’ll keep a steady focus on the breath while practicing! This is yoga.

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