Yogamusic – yoga and music

Are you practicing with music? Have you got a yoga playlist?

Well, opinions are divided and I believe, everybody should do whatever feels good. There’s no wrong or right.

I attended a lot of classes with music. This kind of music I call ‚pling plong‘, very slow, gently in the background. I thought it’s just part of this yoga thing. But I couldn’t see any reason, it didn’t do anything with me.

During my home practice, I tried different music styles, and found out, that I prefer it loud, a good beat and swing, matching my mood that moment. So I kind of danced through my practice. This felt much more like a flow! I immersed into the music, which creates the rhythm. No playlist, I chose whatever fits that moment. But sometimes I struggled finding the right fit and it seemed I was more busy with this, or I even tried to adjust my practice to the music, which felt odd.

The music stopped when I started my Ashtanga practice. I found my music internally, my breath. What a difference, very intense! For quite a long time it was just this, my mat, my breath, my body, my soul. ME.

Recently I gave music another try and I have to admit, I love a good beat during my warm up. Yes, my old joints need a proper warm up and I allow myself to focus on my body and just move with the music. I stop the music to chant the opening prayer and switch to my breath music. For me – an excellent combination.

What about you yogis?

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