50+ Yoga

Yogis! What did you think when reading the headline? 50+ Yoga. I saw this recently as a title of a yoga class. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or get upset… I checked the class description, it was telling me it’s a softer and slower class, also for seniors suffering from rheumatism, arthrosis or hip issues.

Oh. My. God. Seriously? 50?

I’m 51. I’m a yoga teacher, my self practice is Ashtanga, and yes, that’s quite demanding. And that’s nothing special. Welcome to 2017.

Reading this made me feel like 95, excluded from proper practice, pushed into a group that requires special treatment. Well, I know my practice is very advanced to some yogis in their 20th. Same time it’s rather basic for others. Depending on your perception, your point of view, your progress in your practice. I’m 50+ and still working on my progress, believe it or not, I’m still improving. Judging people due to their age is nothing but ridiculous.

Am I overreacting? Yes, most definitely. So I decided to better laugh about it. And avoid that studio.

Yogis, never ever let anybody tell you anything about yourself. Never allow anyone to put you into any drawer. You create your life, you create your practice. Yin or Yang, slow or fast, basic or demanding, your choice, each and every day. Nothing right, nothing wrong. Keep yourself away from any judgement. Be yourself, aim true and show yourself as you are.

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