10 reasons to go on a Yoga Retreat

Honestly a yoga retreat isn’t an insider tip any longer, it’s hip and trendy, not just women, but also men are in on it. Destination yoga. Why’s everyone so crazy about it? And is it interesting for you too?
Well if you like to practice yoga, no matter how often or intense, the answer is quite easy: absolutely yes!
My first retreat was mind blowing, my life changed amazingly. So, let me tell you what I believe are the 10 reasons why you should go:

1. Your yoga practice will get a huge boost. Usually there are 2 classes daily, every day, so your body will be so happy to get the attention it should. Your body will feel like new born after a week!

2. Labels don’t count. Are you rather new to yoga or do you call yourself an advanced practitioner? Don’t worry, a retreat is a place filled with yoga and this is not just happening on the mat. In clear words: nobody cares if you can do fancy postures or not. Nobody is interested in your weight, age or your skin color. But everyone will be interested in meeting YOU.

3. You’ll detox on different levels. Detox? Yes! The intense asana practice will feel like a detox for your body. Usually there are also meditations integrated, as well as pranayama (breathing techniques) and much more that will get your mind back to a clear and joyful state. Plus not to underestimate the digital detox. While you might have wifi everywhere, it gets less important to be online every second.

4. You’ll be served the most amazing and healthy food. One of the best! For sure you’ll get pampered with the most yummie food, mainly vegetarian or vegan – give it a try, I’m sure you’ll eat things you never tried before and they’ll be sooooo good!

5. You’ll make new friends. You’ll meet like-minded people and don’t worry about traveling just by yourself, it’ll be absolutely fine.

6.You’ll see your life from a new (loving) perspective. Maybe you do already, maybe not. Where ever your starting point is, your view on life might get a shift and be filled with much more love. This is the beauty of yoga, it has so much more for you to offer, you just need to be open.

7. The days are structured, not ordained. There will be a fixed schedule, which might look filled, but you will always have a lot of free time. You decide how to spend it – relaxing, maybe at the beach (depending where the retreat is of course) or going on an adventure. No need to organize it yourself, you’ll get the right local connections to get the best guidance available.

8. You’ll feel like a houseguest, instead of a hotel guest. A retreat is like family. You’re in a save group, surrounded by people pampering you and treating you like a friend or family. Something really special!

9. Because you deserve it! Do I need to spend more words here? You’re worth it!

10. You decide if this is a reason: My retreat in Bali is coming up in May! YES! So now the advertising part 🙂 If you would like to join me for an awesome week in beautiful Bali, click here for the details. For sure all previous reasons to go on a retreat will be more than fulfilled!

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