The next Retreat is on!

We do it again! Join us!!! Immerse into the power of the yoga frequency and enjoy a long weekend filled with yoga, wellness and some fab surprises for you!

3rd to 6th October – please see details below and let us know if you’re in! I’m mixing languages now, apologies for that, but the retreat will be hold in German.

Herbstzauber im Tirol – 4 Tage Yoga Retreat

Es erwartet dich eine Auszeit an einem besonderen Kraftplatz inmitten der Tiroler Berge. Mit Yoga, Meditation, Wellness, Wandern oder gemütlichem Spazieren kannst du mit allen Sinnen geniessen, abschalten, regenerieren und dich verwöhnen lassen. Du wirst Harmonie für Körper und Seele erleben.

Von Do 3. Oktober bis So 6. Oktober 2019 lassen wir es uns besonders gut gehen und geniessen das gute Leben. 

Darauf kannst du dich freuen:

  • 6 Lektionen Yoga unterschiedlicher Stilrichtungen für einen energiegeladenen Start in den Tag und entspannten Abend, weitere Highlights und Überraschungen.
  • Zwei Lehrerinnen die bestens ausgebildete sind in Yoga, Meditation und Mindfulness. Es zeichnet sie langjährige Unterrichtserfahrung in verschiedenen Yoga Stilen, Kompetenz, Kreativität, Empathie, Herzlichkeit, Freude am Umgang mit Menschen, viel Begeisterung und Spass am Unterrichten aus und lassen so jede Lektion zu einem besonderen Erlebnis werden.
  • Ein exklusives 5 Sterne Verwöhnhotel mit Gourmetküche, wunderschöner Wellnesslandschaft und Spa für deine rundum Erholung.
  • Diese abwechslungsreiche Auszeit ist auch bestens für Yoga Anfänger geeignet!

Hier klicken für weitere Infos und Anmeldung.


Done!!! I couldn’t feel more grateful – what a journey, what a week! Very intense, same time easy flowing. Flow is the right term, everything at the right time. No forcing, no judging. We just did it. Calm, peaceful, with a huge portion of passion. Great practice, touching ceremonies, yoga, breathwork, meditation, mindfulness.

But the best part was to share all this with stunning souls. Everyone so different, everyone in the same groove.

Thank you universe for giving me the courage to host my own yoga retreat. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done and I’m pretty sure, I will do it again!

Bali bliss to all you babes out there, keep on rocking, realize your dreams, fuck the doubts ✌️

Let’s go Bali

Yogis! There are still some spots left – join us! All levels welcome, let’s have a most beautiful week in a stunning surrounding – bring a friend and get 10% DISCOUNT!

We will enjoy together a magical self-pampering week in Bali; we will flow and sweat, stretch and relax, breathe and tune in, talk and laugh, relax and enjoy…see all details here:


Meet me in paradise!

Have you ever thought about doing a Yoga retreat? It was a big thing for me when I did my first one years ago. A step into the unknown – not knowing the place, nor the people or teachers. I wasn’t used to travel the world on my own, so I had to convince myself to follow my longing. It felt like a break through into a new world, a world of travelling and meeting new people from around the world. Exciting and a bit scaring same time.

I can’t express how happy and overall grateful I am that I decided to go that time. This holiday changed my life forever. In a good sense of course!

Many years later, I will host my own retreat (woop woop!) and you know what? It will be at the same stunning beautiful location where I attended my first one! This is so exciting and I love to make this a magical week for my participants too. They will be pampered with delicious vegetarian food, dive into the power of the yoga frequency and experience a feeling of being family.

Are you wondering if this is something for you? Read my post here to get some clarity.

Interested? Check the details of my magical week in Bali – hope to see your there! Welcome to paradise!

10 reasons to go on a Yoga Retreat

Honestly a yoga retreat isn’t an insider tip any longer, it’s hip and trendy, not just women, but also men are in on it. Destination yoga. Why’s everyone so crazy about it? And is it interesting for you too?
Well if you like to practice yoga, no matter how often or intense, the answer is quite easy: absolutely yes!
My first retreat was mind blowing, my life changed amazingly. So, let me tell you what I believe are the 10 reasons why you should go:

1. Your yoga practice will get a huge boost. Usually there are 2 classes daily, every day, so your body will be so happy to get the attention it should. Your body will feel like new born after a week!

2. Labels don’t count. Are you rather new to yoga or do you call yourself an advanced practitioner? Don’t worry, a retreat is a place filled with yoga and this is not just happening on the mat. In clear words: nobody cares if you can do fancy postures or not. Nobody is interested in your weight, age or your skin color. But everyone will be interested in meeting YOU.

3. You’ll detox on different levels. Detox? Yes! The intense asana practice will feel like a detox for your body. Usually there are also meditations integrated, as well as pranayama (breathing techniques) and much more that will get your mind back to a clear and joyful state. Plus not to underestimate the digital detox. While you might have wifi everywhere, it gets less important to be online every second.

4. You’ll be served the most amazing and healthy food. One of the best! For sure you’ll get pampered with the most yummie food, mainly vegetarian or vegan – give it a try, I’m sure you’ll eat things you never tried before and they’ll be sooooo good!

5. You’ll make new friends. You’ll meet like-minded people and don’t worry about traveling just by yourself, it’ll be absolutely fine.

6.You’ll see your life from a new (loving) perspective. Maybe you do already, maybe not. Where ever your starting point is, your view on life might get a shift and be filled with much more love. This is the beauty of yoga, it has so much more for you to offer, you just need to be open.

7. The days are structured, not ordained. There will be a fixed schedule, which might look filled, but you will always have a lot of free time. You decide how to spend it – relaxing, maybe at the beach (depending where the retreat is of course) or going on an adventure. No need to organize it yourself, you’ll get the right local connections to get the best guidance available.

8. You’ll feel like a houseguest, instead of a hotel guest. A retreat is like family. You’re in a save group, surrounded by people pampering you and treating you like a friend or family. Something really special!

9. Because you deserve it! Do I need to spend more words here? You’re worth it!

10. You decide if this is a reason: My retreat in Bali is coming up in May! YES! So now the advertising part 🙂 If you would like to join me for an awesome week in beautiful Bali, click here for the details. For sure all previous reasons to go on a retreat will be more than fulfilled!


Close your eyes and start your mental journey…. imagine you are already there…. see the beautiful nature, all shades of green, the ocean…. smell the heat, the greens, the salty air…. listen to the sounds of the waves, the birds, the Balinese gamelan… feel the breeze on your skin, the sun… and inhale the energy of this paradise.

Sunshine is a state of mind – let the sun in, come join us for a magical week in Bali, 26th May 2018! 

Dive into the power of the yoga frequency – we will flow and sweat, stretch and relax, breathe and tune in, talk and laugh, relax and enjoy…. we will practice yoga as the journey to ourselves and increase flexibility on both, body and mind.

See all details here

Exciting add on to our yoga retreat!

Yogis! News! News! News!

I’m so happy to announce a very special add on (optional) to our yoga retreat in Bali next May! Right at the beginning of the retreat, we will have Dris visiting, who is The Body&Mind Coach and he will do a presentation for us, about the importance of having a growth mindset and the effect it has on having a happy life.

During one hour, he will introduce the 3 key elements that play a huge role in our level of satisfaction in life:

  • Our values and their role in guiding our decisions
  • Our belief system and how it controls our behaviors
  • How to become more pro-active and moving from being in motion to taking action

Sounds good? It gets even better: 

At the end of the session, we will draw the name who will win 3 free clarity coaching sessions. Woop woop! Read again: YOU can WIN a package of 3 coaching sessions! And of course all participants can later purchase the clarity coaching package for only $270.-, that will include 3 one-on-one coaching sessions.

About The Body&Mind Coach

The Body&Mind Coach is a professional mindset coaching service that offers online and onsite one-on-one support and guidance to healthy and ambitious individuals who would like to perform better, both in their personal and professional lives. The Body&Mind Coach has successfully coached clients from Europe, Australia and the United States and has developed a specific methodology focusing on mindset, momentum, and performance.

Interested in any further details about coaching or Dris? Visit his website.

Yogis, get your slot booked, we will have an awesome time! Reach out to me for booking or any questions.

WE go Bali!!!

WE? Yes darling, join me! Let’s spend next years’ spring in paradise:

Let’s TUNEin:BALI!

Let’s dive into the power of the yoga frequency! Let’s have fun, chill, work, play, strengthen, lengthen, laugh, release, let go, connect…. Let’s breathe the ocean, let the sun kiss your skin, let the salty water soften your senses, immerse yourself fully into the healing energy of Bali.

Join my yoga retreat 26th May – 1st June 2018

I know, it’s quite an early announcement, buuuuut, you might like to plan in advance and as soon as the airlines open for that time, we will be able to get a good deal 😉

So, want to know the details? Here you go: TUNEin:BALI!

I’m sooooo excited! It will be amazing yogis, join me!