The most challenging practice is to pause. Terrible pain in my ribs released a huge moaning out of my mouth and made me fall on my face in chaturanga. Damn. Not again. I can’t practice asanas since two weeks and I’m close to freak out. I know, not very yogic. I miss my Ashtanga practice badly! At least some yin yoga postures are manageable and do the daily work to calm me down.

What do I have to learn? Patience. Trust. Let go. Looks like I’m getting this lesson once in a while the hard way. But hey, I take the challenge, I’m working on it. I meditate, sending my breath through all my cells. The good thing about it, I use the time to bring all my attention to the yoga off the mat. Read here what else yoga has to offer. There’s a lot to learn and to do and I have to admit, it’s time to invest a bit more time here!

And for the time being, getting up, is my ultimate yoga practice.

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