Let’s twist babes out there!

Gently move with your breath – lengthen with your inhale, twist with your exhale. Twists help to rejuvenate your spine by restoring your spine’s natural range of motion. They will cleanse your organs, and stimulate circulation. Not to mention the cleansing and refreshing effect on the torso organs and associated glands!

Get your blood flowing and boost your energy!

Cleansing through asanas

I felt quite bad today — sad, worrying and a headache was trying to tempt me to just lay down on the sofa. My mat seemed far away, when I told myself, I’ll feel much better after practicing. So I did. Went to my mat, without any expectations.

I turned slow and peaceful music on. Closed my eyes when warming myself up. In samasthiti I started my Ujjayi breath, very intense and I kept this during the full practice. It was loud and deep and felt like a storm going through my body. It even deepened some asanas. And yes, practice felt so good and not just my body said thank you, also my mind is in a much better mood now!

My breath cleaned me. My breath took all that shit out of me, that put me down. My inner smile is back.

This kind of intensifying asana practice also works when being in a happy mood — you can even push more. Stay a bit longer in each asana, close your eyes and go into your feelings. You may enjoy some and others better let go. So a rather aware inner tidying up. Let go of anything that doesn’t serve you any longer and enjoy.

Let your body work and your mind will follow.