Happy New Year

Yogis, let’s go for the next big step in 2018:

The new magic term is „self-care“. Make it your number one priority!

You might have already established a fitness routine and maybe you eat healthy, which is great. What’s new is, instead of squeezing some time in at lunch or after work for a yoga class (or any other activity), make it a priority on your to do list. A time in your calendar, that is untouchable, as it is YOUR time. A busy time in your schedule, so it can’t clash with any other appointments.

Allow your main goal to not be fitness related, but to get grounded, to be connected with yourself and feel happy, healthy and at peace.

Incorporate a daily meditation practice, this will have a huge impact on calming down your mind. And focus on a mindful approach when managing your day.

Nothing is important, but you. Nothing counts, but your wellbeing. Whenever you might experience stress, take a couple of deep belly breaths and let your answer be a smile.

Take care yogi, take care of yourself, you are your priority!

Be happy

Every time your feet touch the mat is the moment you meet yourself. Your practice is special, it’s not about doing quickly some exercise. It’s your time to go internal, to flow, to move, to be with yourself. Challenge yourself and release, find your individual moment of steadiness and ease in each posture.

Make a decision to be happy, each time you step on your mat. No matter what mood you’re in, no matter the circumstances. Let happiness flow through you, let it fill you. This kind of happiness that arises within, independent of the situation or people. Your practice is the time you spend with yourself. Be gentle, treat yourself good, accept where you are that day and keep your face relaxed. Make your practice a beautiful moving meditation, make it count.

The moment you feel your mat underneath, allow your lips to smile. Take a deep long breath in and slowly let it go. Allow your body to release. Nothing that happened before has any meaning, it’s past. Whatever might happen after your practice has no meaning either, it’s future, not yet there. All you have it just this moment. There’s no time, but this moment.

Meet yourself in each precious moment on your mat and be happy, aim true, be you.

Exciting add on to our yoga retreat!

Yogis! News! News! News!

I’m so happy to announce a very special add on (optional) to our yoga retreat in Bali next May! Right at the beginning of the retreat, we will have Dris visiting, who is The Body&Mind Coach and he will do a presentation for us, about the importance of having a growth mindset and the effect it has on having a happy life.

During one hour, he will introduce the 3 key elements that play a huge role in our level of satisfaction in life:

  • Our values and their role in guiding our decisions
  • Our belief system and how it controls our behaviors
  • How to become more pro-active and moving from being in motion to taking action

Sounds good? It gets even better: 

At the end of the session, we will draw the name who will win 3 free clarity coaching sessions. Woop woop! Read again: YOU can WIN a package of 3 coaching sessions! And of course all participants can later purchase the clarity coaching package for only $270.-, that will include 3 one-on-one coaching sessions.

About The Body&Mind Coach

The Body&Mind Coach is a professional mindset coaching service that offers online and onsite one-on-one support and guidance to healthy and ambitious individuals who would like to perform better, both in their personal and professional lives. The Body&Mind Coach has successfully coached clients from Europe, Australia and the United States and has developed a specific methodology focusing on mindset, momentum, and performance.

Interested in any further details about coaching or Dris? Visit his website.

Yogis, get your slot booked, we will have an awesome time! Reach out to me for booking or any questions.