New year new you!


How did you start the new year? I’m quite fed up with the same stories every single year, be it in magazines or online: how to set goals or new years resolutions, tons of stuff how to loose weight and and and. On the other hand, I like this ending of a circle to think about what I want to focus on. Which is usually rather subtle than tangible.

I like to create a mantra, which I recite whenever I can think of it. I use this mantra as long as it’s not fully absorbed and integrated, which isn’t a matter of days or weeks, but months or even all year. Through this mantra, everything changes the moment I repeat it mentally. My feelings, my body, my thoughts, my view of the world.

Before I start practicing and before chanting the opening prayer, I connect with myself and say my mantra, silently. A beautiful moment, a great way to start the practice.

How about you yogi? With or without goals, with or without an intention or mantra, how about getting your practice to the next level? Let’s get in contact and join my classes or workshops!

Merry Xmas

This holiday season may you be aware of the richness around you and value all that you have

This holiday season may you celebrate abundance 

This holiday season may you be mindful

This holiday season may you commit to care for each other, all beings and resources around, as well as our mother earth 

This holiday season may you be safe, secure, and honored for being the unique individual that you are

This holiday season may you be nourished while life nourishes you

Wishing you a most beautiful holiday season and a happy new year
From the bottom of my heart into yours