The booking is open!


Get your plans sorted for May 2018 and join me for a magical week in Bali! We will flow and sweat, stretch and relax, talk and laugh, relax and enjoy…. pampered by the beautiful Kura Kura family 🙂

Secure yourself a place on our retreat by booking now! Let’s get in contact, the ball’s in your court now! Find the details here or at the Kura Kura webpage.



Happy holidays


Enjoy a wonderful christmas break, nourish your body with seasonal food and good wine. Don’t care about any rules, enjoy and have fun, your heart filled with gratitude.

While keeping your practice, maybe give yin yoga a try – this calm and deep stretching fits quite well into the season and not just your body will thank you, as it’s a great practice of letting go. Let the year go, with all it’s good stuff, with all the shit. Let it go, it’s past. Empty yourself and get ready for a fresh transition into 2017.

Take care, namasté