TiY goes YouTube

The fruits of the dynamics of last week 🙂

TUNEin:YOGA goes YouTube! My main video is already live (did you watch?) and I just uploaded a short meditation. Just some minutes to relax and unwind 🙏
The world runs faster and faster, the more important it is to have a break, to just stop and get quiet. Going on a mental journey is an excellent entry point into the world of meditation. It doesn’t has to be always long, whatever works for you that day, 5 min, 30 min or anything in-between. There’s a series of meditations planned – different lengths, a variation of topics, audio and yes, video will come too 🙂

Now, watch and listen, links below and stay tuned!

The TUNEin:YOGA video: https://youtu.be/_P8_7N2b69M
Short Meditation: https://youtu.be/E0Pm-ADFuuI

Videocredit Pasindu Madushan Photography

My first video. I can’t express how excited I am… I never expected such a great outcome, thanks a mill Madu, you did an awesome work and I can’t wait to continue!

Unfortunately I can’t upload here, so please go to TUNEin:YOGA on Facebook to watch and I would be thrilled to hear if you like it! Facebook doesn’t show high resolution, but you can tick the box HD in the settings for the video.

Hope you enjoy!

Videocredit Pasindu Madushan Photography


When your flat turns into a photo-studio…. One day shooting, half day filming – woop woop! Exciting and exhausting, we had fun, and yeah, it was challenging! Honestly, I didn’t expect such an effort, but rather underestimated what a professional shoot means.

I already had a glimpse of the stunning work and can‘t wait to see the final output! Stayed tuned, will share soon with you.

What an experience, thanks a mill Madu, much much appreciated 🙂