Do you know your values?

The moment when our values have been either fulfilled or infringed, we react with an emotion. The difficult part about that is to not blame the other person! Particularly when anything negative comes up, such as anger. They might have different values and didn’t do anything on purpose to harm you, they just act in conjunction with their own values. 

So what’s the tricky part now? You have to take responsibility for your emotions and reactions. Hmmmm, but the other person did something, said something…. No! Your values, your emotions, your decisions.

Why don’t you get a bit of practice? The next moment you react with an emotion on something someone did or said, ask yourself why. Which of your values has been infringed?

There is something you can do without reprogramming your values. Did you know, those manifest at an age between 3 and 7!  

First get to know your values. Before you react, pause. Reflect. Don’t react as usual. I know, this isn’t easy, but worth a try. And there are little sweet helpers in form of essential oils. They can help to better deal with your emotions. The oils can support in many directions – clarify, soothe, calm, balance, energise, and many more. Even if essential oils won’t make you cool as a cucumber, but you might feel more calm and cool.  

Let me give you some examples of my experiences – with the support of the oils it gets a bit easier to calm down:

  • I love to use the mixed blend „Peace“ in the office – when everyone around me freaks out, I feel like in a bubble, safe and peaceful
  • Before a stressful day, a challenging task, I inhale Adaptiv and I feel calm and confident
  • Any earthy oil, such as Sandalwood, or the mixed blend „Balance“ instantly grounds me, brings me back to myself. Great on the sole of the feet, neck and wrists
  • A few inhales of Bergamot and my smile is back

Learn your values and what triggers them, and be easy with your emotions, the only way to live in peace!

Are you ready to bring pure, natural essential oils into your life? I would love to help you get started! Send me a message to get connected.

Otherwise, read a bit more here about the power of essential oils.

What does yoga teach me?

When I applied for my 200hrs teacher training, I didn’t expect to become a yoga teacher. My aim was to just fully immerse into all aspects of yoga. Jump into the sea of yoga, swim and dive, all day long, every day. I went to India full of fear and self-doubts – I’m too old, my asana practice is not good enough, I won’t pass the exam…. And finally I didn’t had much time to think about these doubts, I just did it. It was tough, but I enjoyed every single second. I came back as a teacher, teaching 2 classes per week since then. And I can’t believe it, I LOVE teaching.

Yes, I prepare my classes, but I allow myself to be flexible, add things or remove, change the plan on the ride, just following my students and the energy of the day. I surprised myself, I didn’t know that I can do this. I didn’t know that it’s easy to not comparing myself to other teachers, but just give the best I can and let it flow.

No, it’s not about having a huge experience, but a matter of confidence. Let love guide me, breathe, smile, get soft and just do whatever feels right in this moment. Then my mind is doing yoga. Priceless.

So, what does yoga teach me?

In 3 words: TO LET GO. Let go of everything. Expectations, limitations. Emptying myself and forget about everything I know. Because all my learnings are within, in my cells. They will guide me anyhow, without me even be aware of them. Allowing my knowledge, experience and intuition to merge; this is exactly what makes me act authentic, following my own truth.

By the way: this doesn’t stop when leaving the mat!

Yoga in all its gorgeousness has got me hooked. Going back to India next year for my 500hrs teacher training. Another chapter to start. Sooooo excited!