Divine love

The tantrik perspective.

Time to pause the craziness and bring my full attention to the content of this weekend. What could be a better topic on Valentines weekend than divine love!

Love is the unconditional opening of the heart to experience – no matter what kind of experiences, it’s not about like or dislike, good or bad, that’s on the mind level…..

Hareesh’s teachings are planting seeds, changing perspectives and just heart warming, heart touching and heart opening. Obviously, I love to learn all about the content, but his way of teaching reaches deep inside, leaving me with so much gratitude and pure love. Thank you Hareesh, I learned a lot from you about myself and I’m not gonna stop, this is just the beginning!

Life is jingalala!

Almost 6 years ago. Not sure if I should say already or just. I feel both. It’s like another lifetime and same time as if it was yesterday. The moment my life changed. I went to India to learn more about yoga, not just the postures, but the philosophy. I came back renewed from the inside out. Knowing, this was only the beginning. One and a half years later I went again. Better prepared, but once again, I experienced a huge challenge. 

Even if I started teaching yoga back then, I tried to keep any other changes to myself. Not giving up my job or anything else what I called my life. Over the years this became more and more absurd. A combination that seem to not work any longer. But I kept on going. More learning to be able to integrate this better into my life and my job. My purpose was – and still is – to see the change in people. This beautiful transition into a shining face, the moment they show their true beauty. 

The last days I was once again sitting with my teacher from India, listening virtually to his lectures and practicing together. I wrote about it here. A breakthrough when it comes to my meditation practice and once again the start of something else. I feel the change, not that obvious, but something is going on inside. And I love it. The steps on that journey to my true self became bigger, I can see a glimpse of it, I already touched it. I can smell the ocean, hear it, I can feel the salt on my skin. Not ready yet to be one, to be the ocean, but I know I will. Practice is all it needs. And with this, discipline. I know the path, I’m already going. I’m already connecting.

Life is jingalala!


Practice, practice and all is coming. It has never been that true. For me.

When I sit in the morning these days I don’t see the rising sun over the ocean. I don’t feel her warmth in my back. I’m not in India. Same sun, different place.

I’m connected again. Currently, I’m sitting with my dear teacher every morning – I’m so grateful we have the technology, which blows distance away. 

Sitting together in silence and listening to his teachings – after 6 years, this well known voice still makes my heart smile. The difference now is, that I’m not new to these things anymore and much more open. Open to listen, to receive, to accept, without the burning need to understand every single detail. Just let it soak in, take it as it is. When there’s a need for an answer, it will come. There’s so much more to learn and I’m ready.

Thank you for doing this for us Upendra, it means the world to me. What a timing…. But hey, everything comes when it’s the right time, isn’t it.

My heart is filled with gratitude. The challenges of this time also bring some flexibility in planning our schedules and giving me the opportunity to do this. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

It’s about people, not poses.

Some teachers teach poses; some teachers teach people. Some students want to work on their fitness, some students want to improve, grow, work on their body and mind. For some it’s work out, for some it’s magic.

What’s wrong, what’s right? Nothing. Just different approaches. We can practice yoga as a cardio workout. We can practice yoga to increase our flexibility. We can practice yoga as a moving meditation. We can practice yoga as a reflection on our body’s reaction to the work. We can practice yoga as a spiritual experience. And everything in between. There are teachers out there for each approach, nothing wrong, nothing right. No matter what you do, as long as you feel good, you’re doing it all right.

But what does it mean to teach people, rather than poses? Well, we are still talking about asana practice, meaning we go through postures in class. First priority – yes this is about poses and part of the game – is to do them correct or find a suitable modification. Not to master them, but to protect ourselves from injury. Now it’s up to you, leave it here or go to the next level, which means for me, teaching how to connect with ourselves. Go internal to feel what you are doing. Listen to your body. Respect your limitations of the day. Learn to breathe and let the breath initiates the movement to finally fly through the asanas. When holding the postures, find stability as well as ease. Enjoy what you are doing. Learn from what you can and can’t do so far. What is your body telling you? Why is there a stiffness, why does it hurt here, why isn’t there any progress? Is there really no progress? Why in a hurry?

Yoga can be so much more than bending your body into a pretzel or standing on your hands. If you just want this, absolutely fine. Go for it, it’s a great fitness tool. If you are open to receive more, get the journey started and allow yoga to change your life. To change yourself. Learn to differentiate between yourself and your ego.

Next level

Puh. Whatever this means! Just received my confirmation: I’m a RYT 500 now! Huuuuuuhhhhh…. And you know what? It feels amazing. Yes, surprisingly different. My knowledge in terms of anatomy and Yoga philosophy increased a lot and finally settles in my head.

Today I teached first time since I’m back from India and my students mirrored why I love teaching so much. Their faces are adorable – I’m so grateful for getting so much back 🙂

What’s next? A Yoga shala in my garden for workshops? Yeah! Teach more classes in Yoga studios? Yep, I’m ready!

Hiphip hurrahhhhh!

Anniversary! Let’s celebrate!

My students rock!

What a ride this year! I lead my first class exactly one year ago, I really can’t believe this. Making me quite nostalgic, hahaha. One full year teaching and it feels bloody amazing. Whatever mood I’m in, however I feel, as soon as I’m in front of my students, I’m just there, in this moment, nothing else matters. There’s a very special feeling deep in my belly, sending out a huge inner smile. How blessed I am!

My students are growing with me and I appreciate their trust, their dedication and their huge openness. Not to mention their lovely feedback – never stop that please! I can’t imagine any better or easier start into the world of teaching.

My dear students, you rock! I love you!

(Illustration by Patrick Müller, ptm-finearts.com)

What does yoga teach me?

When I applied for my 200hrs teacher training, I didn’t expect to become a yoga teacher. My aim was to just fully immerse into all aspects of yoga. Jump into the sea of yoga, swim and dive, all day long, every day. I went to India full of fear and self-doubts – I’m too old, my asana practice is not good enough, I won’t pass the exam…. And finally I didn’t had much time to think about these doubts, I just did it. It was tough, but I enjoyed every single second. I came back as a teacher, teaching 2 classes per week since then. And I can’t believe it, I LOVE teaching.

Yes, I prepare my classes, but I allow myself to be flexible, add things or remove, change the plan on the ride, just following my students and the energy of the day. I surprised myself, I didn’t know that I can do this. I didn’t know that it’s easy to not comparing myself to other teachers, but just give the best I can and let it flow.

No, it’s not about having a huge experience, but a matter of confidence. Let love guide me, breathe, smile, get soft and just do whatever feels right in this moment. Then my mind is doing yoga. Priceless.

So, what does yoga teach me?

In 3 words: TO LET GO. Let go of everything. Expectations, limitations. Emptying myself and forget about everything I know. Because all my learnings are within, in my cells. They will guide me anyhow, without me even be aware of them. Allowing my knowledge, experience and intuition to merge; this is exactly what makes me act authentic, following my own truth.

By the way: this doesn’t stop when leaving the mat!

Yoga in all its gorgeousness has got me hooked. Going back to India next year for my 500hrs teacher training. Another chapter to start. Sooooo excited!