I hear this word quite often, particularly in the corporate world it seems trendy to name one’s „failures“ and learn from them. 

I don’t agree at all. Please don’t use this word. It simply doesn’t exists. It’s used to blame people (or oneself!), that’s all. There is no such thing as failure. Maybe you did something not the way expected, you forgot something, interpreted in a different way or didn’t meet a timeline. And this is what it is. There are reasons for it, you didn’t „fail“. 

Same for relationships. Did I do or say anything inappropriate? Yes. Did I fail? No!

And on the mat? There’s no failure in your yoga practice either. You can’t do a posture although you’re working on it for a long time? So it is. No failure, you’re just not there yet. You fell off your headstand while demonstrating it? So you fell, no failure. Honestly, this is an example of rather the contrary. Your student can live experience that there’s no issue to fall, you can explain about it and tell why you fell that moment.

Be true to yourself and name things as they are, instead of putting a destructive label on them.

Failure is such a harsh word, even if you only tell it to yourself, your entire body, each and every cell is listening. Your whole body mind filled up with the strong negative energy of this simple word. 

Treat yourself and your body properly, also with the words you choose. „Failure“ is a word that should leave you. Once and forever. 

Beginner or advanced?


Have you ever asked yourself if you are a beginner or advanced yogi? Or even after some time practicing, do you still name yourself a beginner? Read more about this labels in my new article @ Yoga like a Boss (German)!

Was eigentlich definiert einen Anfänger und was einen Fortgeschrittenen? 

Kommt der Ausdruck Anfänger nicht von anfangen? Bin ich dann ein Anfänger, wenn ich gerade anfange etwas zu tun? Was, wenn ich hyperflexibel bin und ich schon in meiner ersten Yogastunde zur Brezel werde? Und meine Matten-Nachbarin mich beeindruckt fragt, wie lange ich das geübt habe, bin ich dann kein Anfänger mehr?

Umgekehrt, wenn ich nach Jahrelanger Praxis noch immer nicht an meine Zehen komme, bin ich dann noch immer ein Anfänger? Gar ein hoffnungsloser Fall? …

MEHR lessen