The older I get, the more does my yoga practice change. No, I’m not talking about anything I can’t do anymore, on the contrary, I’m taking about freedom.

The freedom to decide what it means to dedicate myself to a daily practice. Yes, it means to show up. No, it doesn’t mean to practice the full primary series 6 days a week. Well there are weeks when I do exactly this, but the difference is, my dedication is to practice yoga in a way that suits my body needs that particular day. 

This means letting go of bondage. I do practice on my mat daily. Without feeling guilty to listen to my body and do exactly what I need that moment. Mindful practice without forcing myself. Some days this might mean practicing yin yoga. Others I might do some sun salutations and a simple flow to get my body long and stretched. It can also mean to just sit in stillness and meditate. Challenging enough! And still most days, I do the full primary series. Some days I think, let’s do a slow flow following some matching music, while some time later I recognize that I’m in the midst of my Ashtanga practice. And it feels great to just move without thinking, led by my body, doing what I love.

I also let go of the need to master advanced postures. I know they will come anyhow when I’m ready. Working on them without pressure and the need to follow the crowd. This too is yoga.

This is what I call freedom. It’s my practice and I stopped judging me. No labels needed, it’s just that, yoga. This is my way to create space in body and mind.


Photo by Nadja Kappeler

Beginner or advanced?


Have you ever asked yourself if you are a beginner or advanced yogi? Or even after some time practicing, do you still name yourself a beginner? Read more about this labels in my new article @ Yoga like a Boss (German)!

Was eigentlich definiert einen Anfänger und was einen Fortgeschrittenen? 

Kommt der Ausdruck Anfänger nicht von anfangen? Bin ich dann ein Anfänger, wenn ich gerade anfange etwas zu tun? Was, wenn ich hyperflexibel bin und ich schon in meiner ersten Yogastunde zur Brezel werde? Und meine Matten-Nachbarin mich beeindruckt fragt, wie lange ich das geübt habe, bin ich dann kein Anfänger mehr?

Umgekehrt, wenn ich nach Jahrelanger Praxis noch immer nicht an meine Zehen komme, bin ich dann noch immer ein Anfänger? Gar ein hoffnungsloser Fall? …

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