High energy

Do you feel it already? It’s not only the first Full Moon and Supermoon (when the moon is closest to Earth) of the year, but also a total Lunar Eclipse – coming up between this Sunday and Monday. There are loads of readings out there if you are interested, as I won’t step into any astrological findings here. 

I’m feeling this huge energy since yesterday afternoon. My practice in the morning wasn’t affected, however, it came up a bit later. My mood shifted from laughing to sadness, and everything in-between. This emotional seesaw was my companion of the day and evening.

This morning I started my practice careful. Listening to my body and my mood. As usual I turned music on, not this kind of yoga music, I prefer some good beats when practicing at home. I couldn’t stand it. Awful. I switched to some slow pling-plong background something. Much better. My practice mirrored this – poor strength, less flexibility. Alright, I adapted. Appreciating the clear signs, so I don’t harm myself. My practice was still Ashtanga, but slow, mindful, skipping some postures and Vinyasas to honor my bodys’ messages. I’m happy I practiced anyhow, and very grateful for being that connected, feeling the energies around and within.

What does this Full Moon mean for your practice? Be mindful yogi, always listen to your body and be even more attentive the next days. Take a rest day tomorrow and use the time to meditate or if you want some physical practice, go for a slow Yin Yoga sequence. Use the moon energy to focus on yourself and what’s going on within. Grant yourself some time tomorrow and think detoxing, cleaning, charging. Think let go and same time abundance.

Happy Full Moon!

Full moon ritual

Follow your calling yogi, take some minutes to pause. Bring your awareness to your forehead and release into the space behind. Go internal. Let your breath guide you and once arrived, take a seat sweet soul. Welcome to your happy place, enjoy the movie.

Have a look around, are you surprised? You’ve been here quite often, but did you ever really looked at the details? Do it now. Have you ever seen all the beautiful colors? Listen to your own sacred inner voice. It doesn’t speak up loud most of the time, sometimes it’s just a whisper, so ensure you’re still to hear it properly. Can you feel the free flowing energy? Like a soft warm wind on your skin…. Get as much as you want, it’s endless. You can easily inhale it, give it a try and observe your prana, your vigor, your life force charging!

Sweet soul, be open and receptive, everything you want is there, just take it, it’s all yours! Trust your inner movie, your vision, it’s your guidance, it’s your truth.

Release and smile yogi, you’re home. Be grateful for all your experiences and grateful for the next journey that is just unfolding in front of you.

Follow your bliss and have an exciting trip sweet soul.

Lunar energy

In the Ashtanga Yoga tradition, we don’t practice asanas on moon days. With this practice we learn to more and more listen to our bodies and align to natural cycles, so we can live in harmony with the rhythms of nature.

Like the tides, the moon ebbs and flows and as we are made of about 70% water, we are affected by these phases. The position of the moon to the sun creates energetic experiences, that could be compared to our breath cycle. It is said, that the full moon energy corresponds to the end of inhalation (direction up), which makes us fell energetic and emotional, but not well grounded. The new moon energy is said to correspond to the end of exhalation (direction down), which makes us feel calm and grounded, but disinclined towards physical exertion.

I have to admit, I wasn’t consistent so far, but more focussed on my daily schedule, giving my best to have a regular practice. All of a sudden, today I felt I have to. It’s new moon today and I seem to feel that energy. All I want is to align. It feels really good to not doing this just to follow a rule, but feeling this is the way I want it. Time for me now to align to the lunar energy.

So what’s up on todays new moon?

New moon is the time to set intentions. It’s a start. A blank page. Commit yourself to your vision and open yourself to receive. Find your own ritual, there’s no one fits all, it should reflect you and come natural. You might want to write something down, establish a kind of moon journal. Or like me, light a candle, meditate, manifest an intention first in your mind and then let it flow and fill your body. Give it a try, you’ll find out what works best for you.

The next full moon will ask you to take action and celebrate the fruit of your efforts.

Let’s connect to the lunar energy and fill the blank page today!