These days

Nothing but one topic. In the news, social media, the workplace. The world as such is struggling. 

Life changes and it will be significant now. It’s not just a phase we need to go through, nature forces us to change. The best option we have, is to commit ourselves to it. Please don’t be afraid.

Your plans have been boycotted? So have mine. Please don’t be angry. But use this energy to be creative. Release, let go and rethink what needs to change. 

We are used to run through life in high speed – as fast as possible, ticking as many boxes as we can. Stop this madness, it’s time to slow down. Be patient and grateful, we’re still here, we have a new chance to do things different.

This also is a huge opportunity for each individual as for communities. Open your eyes, open your heart, open yourself to the new. Observe, learn, reflect, adapt, change.

We often only learn through pain and to me it seems as if we have to learn and change things now at a larger scale. As we stubbornly didn’t so far, we are forced now. 

Let’s take this chance!

First thing for me is to slow down, get the pace out. I taught a yoga class yesterday and due to my broken ribs, I couldn’t demonstrate, but was reliant on my voice only. An unfamiliar situation, but I noticed that I was much slower than usual, and calmer. Practice seemed to be softer, even if physically demanding. I liked it and so did my students.

It might sound rather contrarily, as we are asked to keep distance now, and same time community and coherence is getting even more crucial. We are technically equipped, so why not using it to collaborate through distance:

My distance Reiki healing sessions are already available and it works perfectly on an energetic level.

So let’s do that for yoga too: I will soon offer 1:1 or small group yoga classes via video chat. Interested? Drop me a line!

High energy

Do you feel it already? It’s not only the first Full Moon and Supermoon (when the moon is closest to Earth) of the year, but also a total Lunar Eclipse – coming up between this Sunday and Monday. There are loads of readings out there if you are interested, as I won’t step into any astrological findings here. 

I’m feeling this huge energy since yesterday afternoon. My practice in the morning wasn’t affected, however, it came up a bit later. My mood shifted from laughing to sadness, and everything in-between. This emotional seesaw was my companion of the day and evening.

This morning I started my practice careful. Listening to my body and my mood. As usual I turned music on, not this kind of yoga music, I prefer some good beats when practicing at home. I couldn’t stand it. Awful. I switched to some slow pling-plong background something. Much better. My practice mirrored this – poor strength, less flexibility. Alright, I adapted. Appreciating the clear signs, so I don’t harm myself. My practice was still Ashtanga, but slow, mindful, skipping some postures and Vinyasas to honor my bodys’ messages. I’m happy I practiced anyhow, and very grateful for being that connected, feeling the energies around and within.

What does this Full Moon mean for your practice? Be mindful yogi, always listen to your body and be even more attentive the next days. Take a rest day tomorrow and use the time to meditate or if you want some physical practice, go for a slow Yin Yoga sequence. Use the moon energy to focus on yourself and what’s going on within. Grant yourself some time tomorrow and think detoxing, cleaning, charging. Think let go and same time abundance.

Happy Full Moon!



I’m working on the Yin classes for our retreat next year — and I’m happy to give a hint on what to expect:

Next to the Ashtanga or Vinyasa classes in the morning, we will practice Yin Yoga in the evenings, which means we will go into the postures and hold them for several minutes. Our focus will be on our breath while we will strengthen the mobility of the joints and stretch the deeper muscles, the connective tissues and fascia. The meridian systems will be stimulated and inner organs massaged.

Each class will focus on one of the five elements — wood, fire, earth, metal and water. We will learn about the relating organs as well as the assigned emotions. No worries, we won’t go to much into the theory, but experience it!

Each class will have an introducing meditation and/or breathing sequence to prepare us for the calming, but intense practice.

I’m so looking forward to seeing you there! Get the details here and contact me for any questions!

NEW classes from January – join me! 

Happy to announce my new classes @ ATHAYOGA! Join my classes and feel welcome in the beautiful studios in Zollikon and Zürich. I love the atmosphere in both studios, very warm, open and inviting. While the studio in Zollikon is large and open with a stunning view onto the lake, the one in Zürichs’ old town is smaller, cozy and feels like practicing in a living room, which leverage beautifully the feeling of being family.

Yogis, join my classes, spread the word, bring friends! We will start with the new year in January 2017, so bring your New Year’s resolution to life!

From January, 10th 2017: 

Tuesday 14-15:30, Ashtanga led class, half Primary (for Ashtanga newbies) @ ATHAYOGA Zollikon

We practice a modified and shortened version of the Ashtanga primary series. This class is accessible for all levels, but we focus on Ashtanga beginners, meaning there will be modifications for the more difficult postures as well as transitions. We look at all details and adjust the speed so it fits everybody. The specific sequences of asanas are linked by vinyasa and your deep and steady Ujjay breath will bring you further into each posture and sustain you to Savasana.

Ashtanga is the Sanskrit term for “eight limbs” and the 3rd limb is the asana practice. The primary series (there are 6 series in total) is called Yoga Chikitsa, or yoga therapy, as it detoxifies and realigns the body.

From January, 18th 2017: 

Wednesday 18-19:30, Vinyasa Flow class @ ATHAYOGA Zürich

In this class we practice different variations of Vinyasa Flow. Vinyasa means coordinating breath with movement to flow from one posture to the next. This style allows some variety, as there’s no predefined sequence. Each class will have a leading subject, focusing on a certain section of the body, a muscle group or following a particular intention, either fast or slow.

Enough said, move your ass to class yogis!

Here you go: ATHAYOGA

Photo Credit: Roland Fischer, ATHAYOGA Zürich