Go for it

These babysteps. They are progress too. Don‘t underestimate the little things, they do count. Armbalances are difficult for me. I have the strength, the balance, know the technique, but there‘s something in my mind holding me back. It‘s called fear. Hard to get hold of it, particularly when it doesn‘t make sense. What for? Falling? Against the wall? It even gets worse with age. However, I’m so grateful to still be able to overcome the fears and just progress. Even if it takes time, babysteps. Kick age!

I‘m practicing hand- and forearmstand since some time and finally could hold it long enough for some pics today. It felt amazing to not only be off the wall, but hold it a bit. Once there, it‘s kind of easy, weightless. I know, not fully straight, this play starts now!

Another point to be aware of is, that technique and knowledge is in your mind, you need to translate and integrate it into your body language to be able to practice it. Any technique is worthless when you don‘t feel it in your body.

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The best advice ever

Years ago I was facing the first yoga class that I had to teach and I was so nervous. I had issues talking in front of a group of people, but obviously couldn‘t avoid it in that situation. A friend gave me an advice: connect to your own love before you go into the shala and all will be good. To be honest, this didn’t sound promising, but rather strange. However, I just did it. It made me smile and you know what, fear and smiling doesn’t go together. I had a great class and since then, my problem is solved. I love teaching and can‘t even imagine anything better!

No matter the situation, whenever you face fear or anger, when you feel upset, helpless or nervous, do that.

Close your eyes for a moment and feel the love inside. We all have that, we all can do it. As soon as you connect, love spreads inside and you are nothing but love. This will be the driving energy and there won‘t be any room for negativity, no matter the form.

A few days ago I was really upset and I felt anger coming up. Only the next day I remembered the advice I was given many years ago – I connected with my inner love and the anger disappeared immediately. Plus, if you are spreading love and start shining, others will react on this. I learnt once again and this time, I will keep it in my mind, as it works in every situation.

When will you give it a try?

Allow your progress to unfold

Never judge your progress on physical standards. Instead feel it. The posture might look the same, but you will feel the progress. There is more, there is always more, don‘t allow any expectations or judgment to ruin your progress. Let it come naturally, without forcing. Be patient.

Find your rhythm, vibrate in your frequency, follow your pace. This is the way to smile while learning 😊😍

UNPLUG from age

I wrote this post some time ago and thought about it today. It’s my birthday in a couple of days and my practice this morning didn’t made me feel my age, which was just fantastic! I know, it’s different each time and I don’t take it for granted. But a good reason to repost the below!

Discover the magic
Unplug from the ordinary and discover the extraordinary. Free yourself from the idea of age. Yes, agree, that’s quite a difficult one and I’m struggling myself. Yoga teaches me to believe in myself. As long as you love what you do, don’t care about anything.

There’s just one thing you should be aware of when you passed your 20s and 30s and 40s and are not already a super-duper yoga pro, doing handstand on your index finger: Stop comparing yourself to the 20 years old girl next to you.

It’s not about ‚she can do and you can’t‘. Not about her perfect body and your body showing a tiny little bit the fun you had in life so far (yes, you read it, bloody amazing experiences, I know!).

Our whole body simply works different at certain ages. Our body change and sometimes we might recognize this as something negative. But it’s not. It’s just different. We might get less stable and scarier than we were 10 years ago. Even if you work hard, there are no guaranteed results. Life doesn’t work that way.

Try changing your perspective to one of gratitude over what you can do, right now. Try changing your expectations. It’s not about that fancy posture, it’s about your inner connection and peace. You’ll progress anyway!

The beauty of age is to not care anymore and just do what you want. Becoming a yoga teacher in your 50s? Go for it! Worrying that you can’t do it same way as all the youngsters? True, you won’t. You’ll do it differently and your students will appreciate your approach. Just trust in yourself and do whatever you love. There’s no better guidance as love and passion. Accept who you are. Where you are. Live your dreams, without struggling with thoughts of right and wrong. You are never too old for anything.

Be driven by love. End of story.



Never underestimate your progress! Sometimes we can’t see it, but feel it. Sometimes it’s rather going backwards and the progress isn’t in the body, but in the mind.

Are there postures you wish you could do, are you trying again and again, but mostly not very successful? Well, if you really want to master a posture, it means daily practice. This is what I did with headstand. It took me one year. Each day I practiced what I could and one day, boom! I was up. And headstand became my absolute favorite posture, I’m just in love.

Now handstand moved into my focus. I know, it’s quite easy for some people, unfortunately not for me. I couldn’t even imagine me balancing on my hands ever, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. I started walking up the wall, which showed me, that I’ve got enough strength. That’s what I did for some time, to get used to it and feel my body in this position better. But the problem isn’t my body, it’s in my head and it’s called fear. A beast not easy to handle. I took the challenge. Within one week, I managed to touch the opposite wall. Yeah. Now I can really feel the posture and what needs to be done. I feel how my body lengthens, I feel the difference when pointing my feet, when engaging the bandhas, when pushing into my hands. And I know, I will make it.

But finally, mastering a posture is just a side effect. The real progress is recognizing what happens in our body when working on a certain posture. Being aware of the effects when engaging, activating etc. It’s amazing. Also what needs to be done mentally to overcome fear. This is so important, not just on the mat, as you will take your experiences with you, whatever you do.

I’m working on my body, I’m working on my mind, I’m changing and I love it. I’m showing age my middle finger, I’m still learning and won’t stop. Progress in baby steps can be even more beneficial as just doing a huge jump.

Yogi, never underestimate what you’re doing!


“Practice, practice and all is coming.”
Sri Patthabhi Jois, the founder of Ashtanga Yoga

On a physical level, we’re pretty much aware of our body, what we can do and slightly focused on what we can’t. We might work hard on something we are eager to, be it to lose weight, shape certain sections of our body, gain strength, flexibility, or or or.

In my yoga practice, this hard work is usually about a special asana I want to learn. Being overwhelmed with pics in the internet of fancy arm-balances, I admit, these images feel quite comfortable sitting in my head, chasing me, come on, at least this one, go for it! Alright, I’m working on it…
Finally being able to do a certain posture, yes, that’s progress. On a quite high and technical level. However, going deeper is what it makes really meaningful. Not just in yoga, but in every single part of our lives!

Moving meditation
Real progress shows up for me in these tiny little things, that make me feel so good. The moment of ease in an asana. Just that. Or when all of a sudden one hand grabs the other wrist in Marichyasana A and C. The moment when my head touched the mat first time in Prasarita Padhottanasana A. 

The difference is, when doing my daily practice, I’m just doing it. Not pushing myself into anything, but accepting where I am that day, with all my strength and weakness. All my limitations, that might vary from day to day. My aim is not doing a fancy posture, but  connecting with myself. Connecting with my breath, go internal, withdraw my senses. Lifting my yoga practice from exercise into a moving meditation. And sometimes these tiny little things happen, showing I’m moving, I’m progressing. With a huge smile on my face.
This feels natural to me, as it’s coming from the inside. My mind starts to let go, my body release and opens. One of the most beautiful feelings!

And it’s of course not just about yoga, you can translate this into all of your life. Whenever you want or particularly when you feel being in a challenging situation, deepen your breath, go internal, connect with your SELF. Be grateful of where you are and who you are. This will ground you anytime, bringing you back to what is really important: YOU.